Red days and Blue weeks

almanackaIn the calendars, where I come from, all Sundays and holidays are marked in red, like this >>>. So when people there are talking about «red days» everyone knows it’s a day when stores and businesses are closed.

Blue weeks is merely a matter of speaking. It refers to all these weeks after New Years, that don’t have any holiday in them. Those weeks don’t start right after New Years, as here, but after Epiphany … around January 7 or so.

Here, this year, I guess the Blue Weeks will start on Monday.

Last night, I read a post from one of my blogging buddies in the ‘regular’ blog. He was mad about something, and had written straight from the heart, a little bit of foul language included. I laughed so hard, it was so refreshing to read and you could really feel that it was heartfelt. I sometimes wish I could get over myself and just write like that in the other place too. Things would be easier. But then again … the other day I met the man I met in the park once, who told me he reads my blog all the time [and he isn’t even subscribed]. That stops me from being too personal in that blog — it was a good reminder to see him.



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