My blogging buddy, Cardinal Guzman  inspired me to do a little recycling — it’s good for the environment! 🙂 Also, the end of the year is drawing nigh, which always makes me a bit philosophical. At first, I was thinking I was going to make a gallery of twelve photos … one for each month, but I got so lost in my albums, browsing, so I’ll save that for another day.

DSC_7385-ACTIONInstead, I came across a bunch of photos I took December 27, 2013 — one year ago to the day! The ice storm had just left and I took many ice photos. One of them turned out to be one of my favourites.

The storm was devastating, people were without power for weeks in the rural areas, and it was cold! Ice storms are only good for photography! Today we drove by a thermometer that showed 44ºF, and not a snowflake in sight! When I got up on Christmas Day’s morning, it was 55ºF [13ºC], foggy and soggy.   

31 thoughts on “recycling

  1. suzink

    That photo looks like a wonderland. It is so beautiful!

    We try to recycle and reuse. I have grown up doing so and sometimes I get tired of the constant recycling. Our town isn’t equipped with the ability to help with it so we have to drive some distance to do so. Paper I reuse in my crafts and as starter for our little fires outside.

    We had a couple inches of snow today! It was beautiful but is starting to melt already.

    1. Rebekah

      Here, I was going to recycle some photos, but I must have lost my train of thoughts, so only one was posted. When I arrived in Canada, I was almost brain washed about recycling. Back in Sweden, they’ve taken it to unimaginable levels. People have very little that goes in the garbage.

      1. Deb Weyrich-Cody

        We, here in North America, should follow the European example to reduce, reuse and recycle instead of simply being wasteful.

  2. Barb

    Your snowy photo makes me want to sing ♪♫• “Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland” ♪♫ Sorry, couldn’t resist…’s so beautiful!

    1. Rebekah

      Heh! 🙂 Thank you ..

      It was the strangest feeling that day … it was quiet, except for the crackling sound from the ice!

  3. Cardinal Guzman

    I totally agree that “Ice storms are only good for photography”.
    Lovely photo Reb and I’m hoping to see a gallery later! Ha en fortsatt god jul!

  4. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    I had a poem and then I lost it. Perhaps that is for the best.
    Memories of last year and what was left behind.
    Thank you for preserving the beauty.

  5. Kathy Waller

    You’re right about the value of ice storms. I’ve been through very few, and the ice usually melts fairly rapidly, but if the electricity goes off–then the ice seems to move inside.

  6. Nylabluesmum

    Photo. Is. Breathtaking.
    That ice storm was terribly disturbing wasn’t it??
    We are getting snow here today Mon., Dec. 29th finally….maybe there is hope for Winter yet, hahaha!

        1. Rebekah

          One day, all the ducks were gone! I thought they’d smartened up and gone south, but the next day, they were all back! It was extremely cold that day, so perhaps they went into hiding or something…

    1. colderweather Post author

      It was stupid … I imported another blog, and merged them. That’s why and I didn’t even think of that beforehand … that there would be pingbacks. Sorry 😳


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