merry christmas

I’ve just spent some time in my Flickr albums, looking for something. Saw that I had one folder, named «background images», that contains more than a thousand images. These are from my Photoshop days. I really should get ahold of a decent graphics editor and get myself back into that! It used to be so much fun, I loved what I was doing, so why can’t I bring that back?! Here’s one …. baubles_santahatThe thing is — I still like them! Quite often, when you look back at stuff you made years ago, you tend to think it was … not so good — or at least I do, but not with this.

Either way, it’s the morning of Christmas Eve. Fog and drizzle … the real thing hasn’t started yet. Last night I received beautiful photos from back home … the newly fallen snow, and they got LOTS of it! Well … good for them! Here we’re under a rainfall warning.

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