slept in

Slept two hours later than usual. It feels as if this was a terrible thing, even though I have nothing, really pressing. Probably a left-over since my working days.

Trying out the ‘distraction free writing’ in WordPress. It’s okay. I’ve seen others, even more distraction free, but it’s fine.


Here’s Murphy, my Sacred Birman I had before. It still hurts my heart to think about him, but I’ll put in his picture here and now. He was a cat of great willpower and strength.

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    1. He was extremely handsome. And hard-headed! Even the cat woman I mentioned said the same … never saw a more stubborn cat LOL

  1. Ican relate. Nylablue being 1/2 Birman she was beautiful & knew her own mind….
    i can tell you Siddhartha is even more stubborn! Burmese know their own minds too! HAHAHA!

    1. Yeah, and the only cat I’d had before was a Persian … for sixteen years! That was all I knew! I noticed the woman who sold him to me was smiling up her sleeve, when I told her that. She tried to keep a straight face when she said «Well, you might be in for something different now then!» 😀

  2. LOL I can see the lady laughing up her sleeve….
    I rescued & cared for alot of cats but have only had Simpson from ages 12-17yrs (My Mother kept her & I did visit for 7 more yrs). Simpson lived to be 20. Muffin I had only a month as she was terminally ill. Then I had Silky-Auburn for 4 yrs (the one who ran away from home across the street). Then except for rescues no one til Jan. 1988 when I rescued & adopted Mingflower….she died Mar. 2006 & then there was Sage-Smudge April 2006 & then she went back to Shelter. Nylablue came to me June 2006 until last month. Now there is Siddhartha. He will be my final kitten. I could not do this again, lol.
    He is my first male too. His nickname is ‘little man’, lol…

    1. Wow! Muffin … that was cute! 🙂
      If someone had said to me that I’d be a cat person before 1986, I would have said ‘no way’. I’d never lived with a cat, I didn’t really trust them! Then I went to see a friend who had a huge, black Persian. He was very cool, and very affectionate. It was then I came to realise what it could be like. When I got back from that trip, I saw an ad in the local paper for Persian kittens … and the rest is history 🙂

      I won’t say that this will be my last … I can’t say that.

      McDuff has a few nicknames … ‘Daddy’s Boy’, being one LOL

  3. Funny how you were ‘converted’ so to speak!
    And by a Persian…now there is a breed that freaks me out!! Plus I am allergic to long haired cats of all breeds.
    I was even allargic to Nylablue but it was manageable.
    I can’t say Siddhartha will be my last. I do know he is going to be the only boy as I only wanted a BURMESE BOY! LOL….
    Siddhartha’s nicknames are : Dharth; Dharth Vader (when he is naughty); Little Man & Dude!
    All in under a month, hahahaha!

    1. Persian was purrfect for me … especially as it was my first, and considering the outlook I had on cats prior to Hadassah. They’re calm and cool … don’t climb the curtains LOL I’m glad I don’t suffer from any allergies. Many people are allergic to short-haired cats but can handle long-hair … it’s a weird world.

  4. Apparently I am all backwards then! I have always had allergies to long haired cats & my first cat Simpson was part long hair something…I am thinking Maine Coon because she was not Persian…she was part Abbyssinnian but she had long fluffy fur…
    I have had a few logn haired cats with bad side effects.
    The only cat to try to clim the drapes has been Siddhartha…lol…he is getting better at obeying “NO!”…

    1. I had no luck with «NO!» and Murphy. Nothing helped. Other people tried too. No way. It was crazy, I was so tired at work because I hardly got any sleep. He sat on the window sill, then he charged and jumped over to the bed. on my chest. I tried to shut the door, but then he screamed so the neighbours must have thought I was hurting him. I lost all my potted plants … no big deal. Had him neutered eventually, and things got a little better. Not much though.

  5. I clap my hands together & say “NO!” in loud voice…He gets startled & that stops him long enough.
    Murphy sounds like he was a handful. Siddhartha jumped all over me this morning & tried chewing on me…I was up at 8:30 a.m. So Siddhartha won that round….
    Now to keep him off my dinner plate!

    1. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I did too, the clapping. Sometimes I blew air in his face. Nothing mattered. Cat won.

  6. That is the most humane way to discipline a cat. The previous caretaker of Siddhartha used to spray him with water…not happening in my home! I do not like that method at all.
    The only thing blowing in a cat’s face is good for is to get them to swallow a pill, hahaha1
    Let’s face it; cats rule; dogs drool & we humans look silly 😉

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