Four Days

Crow ... contemplating
Crow … contemplating

Today is the twentieth of December, so Christmas will soon be upon us. I can still feel a bit of that stress that our mothers instilled in us. That is exacerbated when I read all the women online asking one another; «are you ready for Christmas?». Then I must stop and think seriously what it is I have to do. I baked cookies that were shot to hell, I threw them away last night. Something was wrong there. Food-wise, I’m thinking of getting a turkey breast and cook it in the oven like a ham. We certainly can’t buy a whole bird for us two.

There’s laundry to be done, and the general cleaning up the apartment. I think that’s pretty much it.

The crow here above won’t have to worry too much about Christmas. On the other hand, they have to worry constantly about where the next meal will be coming from. They recognize our car, methinks. Each time we drive down to the river in Indiantown, three of them show up. It’s because I feed them peanuts.

For this post, I’m using Blogo, an editor I have here on the computer. I’m interested to see how it will work with the image.

2 Replies to “Four Days”

  1. Love the crow photo Rebby!
    I am with you about all this Xmas hulaballoo. I did not decorate this year. I sent out cards only & have the ones I received up. I sent Chanukkah cards too & am lighting the Menorah nightly. At this point Xmas is another day…a day of being on my own as I am the other 364 days a year. I did buy a ham steak & 2 turkey thighs & baking potatoes & vegs so I will have a nice supper.
    My holdiay cheer/miracle is Siddhartha 😉
    Wishing you & G. & McDuff a very peaceful & stress less Christmas.
    lLve Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. It’s me, myself who works myself up like that. I have a choice. And since I wrote this post, I’ve cooled down. We’ll eat some good food and do our usual thing … watch TV, and do online stuff. Luckily we’re both the same! G will have turkey legs and I will have the breast. I love the white meat! LOL

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