wp weekly photo challenge ~ yellow

A very ‘wide’ subject this week … so open to creativity. Yellow is one of my favourite colours, so I had already quite a selection to choose from. Outdoors, right now, there’s not much yellow — everything is drab, brownish grey, unless you catch a Penske truck or something.

So this little guy, that I caught in the midst of his bath, will have to represent «yellow» for me 🙂

Bird bath
Bird bath

31 Replies to “wp weekly photo challenge ~ yellow”

  1. I agree with you: A very ‘wide’ subject, open to creativity. Hehe.
    LIke I just wrote in my own post: if they’re going to have color “challenges”, at least pick some colors that make people go: “What?!? Which color is that???” For example: brilliant azure, AuroMetalSaurus or caput mortuum.

  2. LOL, he looks so BIG, Bekah!; )
    And, how I will miss seeing him in his Summer finery until the Dandelions start to bloom again):
    A perfect “yellow”…

    1. Yeah, he looked big, now that you mention it! 😀 I like these guys! Had such a great place, where both these and the yellow warblers hung out, but now they’ve taken down all the vegetation there! There will be some railroad track there instead. Bleh

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