32 Replies to “twenty fifteen”

  1. I don’t like any of the new themes WP is putting out lately. They just stink. Hence, I still use a plain, simple theme. I do like the Bokeh background though.

    1. Care to elaborate? LOL

      The bokeh background is my photo … you can put in whatever you want as background in that left area… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I haven’t decided yet. I’d like to see how my blog would look on it, but I don’t want to go offline right now to do some trial-and-error work.

    Your blog is beautiful, though, and presents an argument in twenty fifteen’s favor. The colors are lovely.

  3. I tried it out on my artishorseshitwordpress,com blog, but I don’t like that featured images are being repeated when you’re on the main site. This is a problem with many of their themes: the featured images are shown twice and it just looks stupid.

    1. I KNOW! You just have to remove the image in the post when you have it featured, and I *hate* that! These people [the theme creators] must be so knowledgeable about this stuff, so I just can’t see why they make them that way.

      1. The problem is that I already have hundreds of posts with featured images, so when I’m changing my theme there’s no way that I’m spending hour after hour deleting the featured images from my previous posts. I’ve seen many themes that I like, but this “featured imaI the second I realize that they’re repeating my photos twice, I move on to the theme.

        1. Fuck. I was just re-writing that last sentence in my comment and accidentally touched some shortcut that posted it…

          Here’s the (proper) ending:

          Iโ€™ve seen many themes that I like, but this โ€œfeatured image” problem just ruins the looks. So, when I realize that, I move on to try the next theme.

        2. Been there!

          AND, if you’ve used a theme that works the right way [doesn’t repeat] and change to another one … then it’s just screwed up.

          Several times I’ve asked in a forum they have, to add a filter to the media files, so that you could easily ยซunfeatureยป all your images. Still haven’t seen any response to that! Arghh

      2. Yes: why do they do that?!? Some themes even crop your featured images, so that they just look like shit! Who in their right mind wants to present their photos like over-blown giffy mess??!

        1. Yes! I’m baffled … The thing is, I DO appreciate the time and effort it takes for the theme to make a default theme, like this, for the whole WordPress … so, I mean … these guys are no fools. And *still* they miss out on this simple feature..

            1. I don’t think putting in that filer in the search thingy would be all that difficult. I’ve asked for it in the suggestions forum, and people agreed with me … that was two years ago!

  4. Oh, that looks nice so far! I’m usually not too fond of default themes, but this one doesn’t look too bad. You have a very nice background — the bokeh or bubbles or whatyoumaycall it.

    1. According to Wikipedia “The term comes from the Japanese word boke (ๆšˆใ‘ or ใƒœใ‚ฑ), which means “blur” or “haze”, or boke-aji (ใƒœใ‚ฑๅ‘ณ), the “blur quality”. The Japanese term boke is also used in the sense of a mental haze or senility. The term bokashi (ๆšˆใ‹ใ—) is related, meaning intentional blurring or gradation.”

      1. Okay! Thank you, CG! I feel better about it now, because I’ve really had a beef with that word. I thought it was some kind of silliness referring to wine LOL

        1. You should thank Mara really, because I’ve been wondering about where that word came from too, but I’ve never looked it up until now! I also thought it was related to something silly: that it was just some stupid word that a photographer came up with once (like the Orton effect).

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