What’s in your wallet?

bookbookI had a nice wallet for my previous iPhone, called BookBook. It was made of real leather, that was treated in order to get a vintage look and feel to it, slots for plastic cards and a pocket for a few bills. I’d bought another one before it, where they stated in the ad, it was genuine leather. Liars! It was synthetic, and they’d sprayed something onto it … something that was supposed to smell like leather, but the only thing it did was to stink up the whole apartment.

Over the two years I used BookBook, I became very accustomed to it. I loved the look and feel of it, a delight just to hold it! The manufacturer would be proud if they were to read my blog 🙂 It’s very convenient to have everything in one place, as I never go anywhere without my phone. Of course, it can be dangerous too — if you lose your phone, you also lose your important cards, which will add to the immense trauma of losing your phone! I’ve been weighing this carefully, back and forth, but opted for the wallet-style protection after all.

It was sold by a company in the U.S. I figured, when the new iPhones were being released this last Fall, that this company would  be ready for the different phone sizes, stocked up with new wallets. That wasn’t the case, but you could sign up to get notified when they became available. Not until now were they announced and they look awesome!

I debated long and hard with myself before I ordered it. My reason for this hesitation was  the additional costs that are added when you buy online from the U.S. Taxes, duties and brokerage fees. It’s difficult to find out exactly how much that will amount to, and I’ve read some real horror stories online, while searching for information on the subject. I took my chances anyway.  It will be delivered with DHL in a few days and it will be interesting to see how much it comes out to. We had a really bad experience with a couple of baseball caps we bought back in 2006! Back then we had no idea about any of this. Those two baseball caps must have turned out to be amongst the most expensive ones in the world. Well … I may be exaggerating a bit here, but we had to pay through our noses. Not to mention the not so happy surprise when  they were delivered.

So much for free trade, huh?! We can drive down to Calais, ME and shop for $200 without further ado, but you can’t buy this little thing online for $50?! Where’s the logic?

6 Replies to “What’s in your wallet?”

  1. Oh yes, and here on this side of the ocean the new VAT cross-border scheme in the European Union that is starting on Jan 1st is causing nightmares for small businesses.

  2. Hm, thought I left this, but maybe not here…
    But, it sure looks like a Classic, all right; )

  3. It arrived yesterday morning, so basically it took two days from SC to NB.

    $30 was added in the way of taxes, duties and brokerage fees. The thing itself was $50.

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