Old Gold

oldgoldA small brewery in Sweden introduced a new beer, many years ago. They were clever … at first, it was only sold on boats going to Finland or Denmark, or other tax fee shops … not in the country itself. So Swedes who’d been travelling brought this home — the nice brown, octagonal bottle from the well known brewery, telling all their friends “hey, look what I found!”. So when they finally released it in the liquor stores, there was a built-up «need» LOL for it!

When searching for an image now, I realize the bottle is no longer octagonal — I should have saved one of those first ones! They were beautiful!

I feel that way now, about WordPress’ new theme, Twenty Fifteen. I’m waiting for it to get to the self-hosted repository, but it’s not there yet. I don’t know why. I have all kinds of childish hang-ups like that! Right now I’m so happy, as I’m anticipating the arrival of my new wallet for the iPhone. It left Charleston, SC last night LOL

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