Intriguing Moon

The night before yesterday, I snuck (!) into the vacant apartment across the hall. The nice lady, who used to live there, moved and the door is unlocked. I knew this. It was full moon, and I wanted to see where in the sky it appeared. Went out on the balcony there, only to find that the moon was already way up in the sky. No way of getting it in the same frame as the city skyline.

Yesterday night, I thought of it earlier so I did the same thing, only to realise there was no moon to be found … anywhere?! We had clear skies, I might add. When I got up this morning, a little after 8 o’clock, it was way up in the sky on this side of the building.

DSC_3201-minWhat is this?! There was only twenty four hours in between my two attempts … can it change that much? I’ll never understand the moon.

The picture was shot at an earlier time, from the same balcony, while the lady still lived there.

[this post was typed up in ScribeFire]

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