wp weekly photo ~ gone but not forgotten

These pictures were taken in the cemetery in my hometown in Sweden. They will represent all the people I’ve known and lost … parents, dear friends … everyone who is gone but not forgotten.

They have made this little place in the cemetery, where you can light a candle, sit for a while and think. Many people choose cremation and not to even have a marker, and this place replaces a tomb stone. It’s quite lovely … peaceful.

20 Replies to “wp weekly photo ~ gone but not forgotten”

  1. Beautiful work. I like the one with the candles best. The reflections of the flames and the mixed lighting are the highlights of the photo.

  2. Wonderful place and pictures!

    And how strange! As I am having a bad sleep night I have been on Google looking for bokeh tutorials and photos and there I see you have bokeh on one of your photos! 🙂

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