Just Thursday ~ what gets you going?

muggenWithout coffee, I wouldn’t be able to proceed with my day. I’ve written about this several times before, so for this post I’ll just try and explain what’s going on with JUST THURSDAY.

JUST THURSDAY is part of something new … it’s a BLOG HOP! What gets you going in the morning? Do you eat porridge? I can’t eat anything at all until I’ve had my coffee.

Took a new picture of one of my favourite mugs … it does have a handle, which isn’t visible, because I wanted to display the text. In Swedish, mug is spelled with two G:s.

SUNDBORNThe point of this blog hop is to, hopefully, meet new bloggers and link to one another.

How to take part?

Post your pictures and/or stories about what gets you going in the morning. Link back to this post and leave a comment there.

Next week there will be a Just Thursday prompt from Mara, who will link to me for the following week. Don’t forget to check out the current posts for Just Thursday from my fellow collaborators

43 Replies to “Just Thursday ~ what gets you going?”

    1. Hey Joss … To be honest, I hardly know what I’m doing here — it’s the first «bloghop» for me. Guess I’ll get the hang of it as we go along! Could be fun to expand the blogosphere just a little bit…

            1. I’m ashamed to say that I do nothing but hide and try to avoid the Christmas mess. Of course it’s not the Christmas itself but the pressure as to what you’re supposed to do for Christmas what bothers me.

              1. I opt out of Christmas completely and simply try to be nice about others who do the whole craziness. No shame about it. It’s a choice and a good one in my opinion.

                1. We’re really cool about it here. One or both of the lads will come down from QC. I do whatever stuff I like to do because it’s fun. The stores freak me out.

          1. Guess I don’t hate the actual holiday all that much … it’s the hype and the stuff Joss wrote about. Going to Walmart the days before Christmas makes me depressed. Christmas has just become a huge pile of «musts», where people work there a$$es off and over-spend..

            1. Precisely! Christmas could have been a nice enough holiday, were it not for the expectations put on you. This year we’re experimenting in the family by agreeing to give each other ONE present, but I suspect everyone will break it as usual. Ugh. Not looking forward.

  1. The same here! I can’t even do anything, not to mention eating anything before I drink my first coffee. If you attempt to get me out of the house without coffee, you’re committing murder…

    1. I hear ya! In fact I can only remember one morning, when I had to go on a hunt for coffee … stepped off a night train from Gothenburg, and there was no coffee shop in the railway station … LONG time ago 😀

    1. Hej Annette!
      It’s so strange, because I really LOVE tea, but I can’t switch?! I love the taste of regular, breakfast tea … but still it cannot replace my morning coffee … I’ve tried!

      1. I drank pots of coffee years back, but I had to stop because of my tummy. I got severe withdrawal symptoms LOL, it was awful with headache, muscle pains and so on. I love tea, and it is so nice to chose which sort I want this morning.

            1. Yes! Was reminded, a week ago, of how lucky I am in that respect; got a reaction after I’d finished my latest antibiotics … a full day, and it was awful!

        1. …also, Annette, in your line of work, I guess that meant many late nights which doesn’t add anything good to the whole scenario 🙂

          1. Yes we drank coffee every time possible the whole night- not healthy I think LOL – and smoking too! I have stopped with that many years ago.

            1. I hear you! I do both, but never coffee after 6PM. Nowadays they drink those energy drinks, but I honestly don’t know if they contain as much caffeine as a cup of real coffee.

  2. Love your mugs!! 😀

    As you already know, I don’t drink coffee anymore… I used to when I was so much younger. These days I drink tea. Like Annette my stomach can not really take any coffee :/ I still like the smell of coffee mmmmm lol

    But I do love my tea with all different kind of fruit taste!

    1. Yes, I understand. It’s the caffeine I’m after … and after all these years, I’ve come to think it tastes good … coffee, that is. I didn’t think it tasted good when I started — it was a social thing.

    2. You’re right in that tea comes in more variants than coffee. Maybe when I’m tired and fed up with coffee, I might start exploring tea for a change… Until then, though, I’m a coffee addict.

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