As I sat down here this morning, I really felt like writing a blog post. No more photo challenges [for the moment], so just to write as usual. That didn’t happen and I was once again reminded of how easily one gets distracted on the web.

Started to look into how to change the colour of the «hamburger menu» in my theme [Minnow]. I find the light grey to be way too inconspicuous, and I was naïve enough to think it would be easy, with a few lines of CSS-code. Well … not so! I tried, and tried but only two of the three lines would change colour 🙂 menu_minnowI really like the idea of having a slide-out menu that scrolls separately, so I want to keep the theme, but this whole project was too time consuming! I’ve posted the question to a forum instead and now I’ve forgotten all about what I was going to write.

The «photo101» blog event from WordPress was really fun! A photo a day for a month, and only weekdays — that was just perfect, and not too overwhelming. WordPress is good that way, how they manage to engage bloggers in something like this … make them come together in a little community. During this event, they had this page set-up; The Commons, where the partakers could meet and discuss … make new contacts and all that! I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Blogger/Google has so much to learn from WordPress…


13 Replies to “hamburger”

  1. Really like the look of your blog!! 😀

    It is easy to get distracted on here lol I haven’t been writing anything for a while in my blog… but I will! I won’t give up on it like I used in the past! Just have to get the inspiration to write about something lol.

    Glad you enjoyed that photo challenge! 🙂

    1. Hej och tack!
      Yes, it’s extremely easy to get distracted online, but it’s really fun to keep up the blog. When I go back in time, and look, I’m really happy that I’ve kept it this long.

      That photo challenge was a lot of fun, also thanks to ‘The Commons’ …all the interaction with other bloggers.

      1. Well I am amazed that I still am keeping up my blog as well LOL I know I do not write as often as I used to a while back but I am glad I just do not quit as I did before! 😉

  2. That’s WP for ya, a community like no other blog platform on the web. I do not care for slide out menus so I stick with the traditional sort of theme. You are like me in enjoying working with code, it’s fun and gets my mind off of… stuff. 🙂

    1. Normally, I don’t care for them either … not at all, in fact! In this case, I guess the fact that I really like Minnow, wins. AND it’s not that type that slides out and covers the whole page. The code stuff is the most time consuming you could ever think of. It gets like an obsession or challenge … I just HAD to solve it; how to change the colour of those lines. I’m not over it yet 😀

      1. Some of these items we can not alter as we don’t have access to the PHP files. You might since you are self hosted, right?

  3. Getting distracted isn’t hard to do on the computer, but I know you will find the focus and determination to fix those little grey lines. You are not a quitter, and from what I’ve seen in the past, you are pretty good at all that stuff!
    I enjoyed the photo challenge too, it stretched me as a photographer, to think outside the square so to speak. Now the challenge is over, I have the time to catch up on the Commons!

    1. Thank you! Tomorrow morning, I’ll most likely be at them again … the little lines. I just can’t get over things like that 🙂 They said there would be more stuff like this in 2015 … sounds good!

  4. So, can you tell me, is there a lot of code to fool around with when building a blog… Or is this strictly dependant on how complicated you want things to be? (‘Cause Computer Language is one in which I have zero fluency…):

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