photo101 #16 ~ treasure

Each new photo challenge come up at night, my time [AST], so I saw it was «treasure» before I went to bed last night. That gave me plenty of time to think of what to choose — what would represent a real treasure for me?! My first thought was, of course, just to post a photo of my husband 🙂

Browsing my files, this morning, I found this … 2in1 — two treasures in one picture!

6351513972_1c813a3b45_b.minOur little darling, McDuff, turned 10 on Saturday. You can only imagine how many photos I have of him! For this challenge they suggested that we’d get up close and personal. Here’s one … a ‘belly shot’! When he saw me lying on the floor, he looked at me as if I was crazy.

4928832661_169c325596_b.minHere’s another of my treasures … the best thing since sliced bread 😉

DSC_4253 (1).min«Treasure» was a good challenge! It made me think about all my treasures, the camera for example, otherwise there wouldn’t have been any treasure photos … also more abstract ones, like how much I treasure all my blogging buddies here in WordPress!

24 Replies to “photo101 #16 ~ treasure”

  1. I haven’t found my treasure yet – although I have an idea. Where indeed would we be without a camera? Many of us wouldn’t have ‘met’.

  2. I love the photo of McDuff and the expression on his face like,”Well what on earth are you doing?” Our people in our lives are our treasure. I agree!

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, I do … very much! Now, after a month and a half, it feels unfathomable that I thought it was large in the beginning 🙂

      1. Indeed, this is how I felt about the Samsung Note 3, it seemed massive but now very normal. I am wrestling with this though – considering going back to an iPhone the next time a change comes along.

        Apple for me has always held that slight edge over everything else whether it’s phones, tablets or of course my MacBook Air. I love this laptop…

        1. Well … I’m so biased — I’ll never get out of the Apple ecosystem now that I’ve found it! 😀 It fits me like hand in glove!

  3. The photos of McDuff are gorgeous, he is so photogenic, and the one with him in the forefront and your hubby in the background is a double whammy! You have a very handsome cat Rebekah, he must be a real treasure to you.
    I know how much you treasure your iphone, great choice, and like you, I treasure all our blogging buddies here.

  4. Hi R –

    I still can’t link to your blog from my WordPress app. Now it’s happening with another blog I follow too. The only common denominator I know of is yours and hers are both .coms rather than I cannot figure it out. It’s frustrating. I want to tell you how I love your various photos. I love your cat, he’s so beautiful.

    1. I’m going to check that out in my own app … I also have a blogger who is self-hosted — haven’t thought of that. I haven’t been using the app so much for reading, merely replying to comments. It must have something to do with the self-hosted part.

      Thank you for your kind words about McDuff; I’ll tell him and he’ll be very proud 😀

  5. LOL, loving the concept of being part of the “Apple ecosystem”! Not the same as it once was, but still an amazing place to be…
    But, speaking of treasure, if the eyes are jewels of the soul (paraphrasing here; ) your McDuff has emeralds beyond compare: )

    1. I LOVE being in that ecosystem 😀 …I never want out!

      Oh yeah … those green eyes — you’re right they’re like emeralds … when they look at me in that knowing way!

  6. Happy 10th Birthday McDuff…sorry I am late…you know I have been sad…
    Nylablue told me to tell you she would always remember you….& when it is your turn (many years from now) she will meet you at the Bridge & take you to Summerland… NOT hurry she said….
    Much love Sherri-Ellen & Angel Nylablue ❤ ❤

  7. 😉 I want McDuff here for many more years as I KNOW you do too!
    I was ok this morning but my mood sort of disintegrated as the day wore on. I have Viral Sinusitis so headachey & sore sinuses. Did all of NB’s laundry & mine….took a triple washer & a big double & five dryers….
    I am beyond exhausted. I think the sadness is because now all her blankets & toys do not smell like her….it is like I am erasing her little by little… 😦
    Love S-E.

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