photo101 #13 ~ Moment

Today’s subject is ‘moment‘. My choice here, isn’t exactly what they were after in the challenge … I know what they meant by adjusting the shutter speed in order to get that ‘movement blur’. However … I couldn’t think of a more special ‘fleeting moment’ in my photography than this. Of course, it’s not my doing — it was all up to the bird. I don’t know what really happened here, I was just shooting Blue Jays, and was baffled when I saw this photo, afterwards.

21 Replies to “photo101 #13 ~ Moment”

  1. Yes, I’m having problems fulfilling this one properly, too. However, it also all boils down to how we interpret ‘moment’, and yours qualifies – another moment and it would be gone…..

  2. Yow Aunti Rebby dat IZ a purrfect ‘momint’ photo!!!! Well dun!!
    Me asked Mum to let me meow one last time to ya n McDuff. Pleeze take care of each other n let McDuff nose me will wait fer him in Summerland (butt he doez not have to come dere soon!) πŸ˜‰
    Phankz fer beein such a sweet Aunti n guud furend to us.
    Wif lub n *nose bonkz* Nylablue n Mum too x0x0

    1. Awww … that’s so sweet! I’ve tried to explain to him and he understands. He took it like a man, solemn … stoic. He turns 10 on Saturday. Much love and purr…

  3. WOW! I love when you don’t realize you have a certain shot until after you download your photos. I never realized how many different shades of blue bluejays have

  4. Oh my god, that’s an amazing photograph Rebekah!
    Who would believe that you’d caught him launching straight up like that?!?

    1. Yeah, I was not aware! Could hardly believe my eyes, when I’d downloaded it. It has happened once before, with a Yellow Warbler!

      1. Awesome! Gotta tell ya though… At first glance, I thought his head was somehow turned around backward; ). Just a little blue-gray feathered rocket

  5. This definitely qualifies as a moment – you captured the blue jay incredibly as he started to fly upwards, almost an impossibility! Well done Rebekah!

  6. Yow Happy Birfday McDuff….fink of me as ya sellybratez n do not wurry me will allwayz bememburr ya…
    Aunti Rebby me phankz ya fer tellin McDuff…me did not nose how to tell him.
    Pleeze give him sum *kissez* frum me okayz???
    Me lubz ya too Aunti n will neber furget ya eether….
    **wavez at Aunti n McDuff**
    ❀ Nylablue ❀

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