photo101 #12 ~ architecture

These guys were the the first thing I thought of when I read today’s subject! During a photo walk, a couple of years ago, I made a point of really paying attention to all the elaborate details of the old buildings uptown. I’ve been told there are even funnier gargoyles  on the old Stone Church, but I haven’t managed to get a picture of them.

They sort of ‘tickle’ my imagination … how did they come up with the idea?! What did they have in mind when they created them?! These two look like dogs… The ones on the Stone Church, they tell me, look like really evil faces!

11 Replies to “photo101 #12 ~ architecture”

  1. I’m not a lover of gargoyles, they give me the creeps, although these two are not as bad as some I’ve seen, and they do look like dogs. Look at all the intricate work in them – very impressive.
    Good choice for the theme Rebekah.

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