photo101 #9 ~ warmth

As soon as I read the subject for this day, this photo jumped up in my memory. I’m really sorry about the quality of it — it was shot with our very first, little point & shoot camera — and I’ll never be able to go back and re-create the scene. This was back in 2006 while we still lived in Quebec, we were having dinner in this ancient building out in the countryside. The name of the place is Marmot Hill.

11 thoughts on “photo101 #9 ~ warmth

    1. Rebekah

      Wonderful! I was thinking of it, as I typed up this little post. I tend to remember all the particularly good meals I’ve had, even though it’s long time ago.

  1. nuvofelt

    Haha! As soon as I saw the prompt I thought of a photo I didn’t take when we went for a meal last week! It too was of a lovely warm fire….. I’m still searching for the perfect shot. Today is cold and wet – not much point in searching outside…….

    Thanks for warming me up 🙂

  2. Barb

    It looks so warm and inviting Rebekah, just the place to relax and unwind. Glad you still had the photo from way back, it’s perfect!

    1. Rebekah

      Thank you! It was quite lovely … what a place! Several hundreds of years old! It wasn’t a public restaurant, but you could book it for company parties ‘n stuff like that.


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