photo101 #7 ~ landmark

This lamp, I’ve posted several times in my blog, but I couldn’t think of a better landmark for Saint John.

Trinitylamp min

The original single oil lamp at this site was designed as a navigation aid in 1842. When lined up with the Beacon Light, that used to stand in the harbour entrance, it had marked the inner end of the Eastern Channel. Vessels approaching from the Western Channel (now blocked by the breakwater to Partridge Island), could line up the light with the Trinity Church spire to navigate safely into harbour. A four-sided gas lamp came next and had two red glass panels facing seaward and two white ones facing land.

This was replaced by the three lamps on a metal trident,seen today. The lamp stood 27 feet high and 42 feet above high water, making it visible up to five miles away. The lamps were designed to shine through a 671/2 degree arc, showing red towards the water and white on other bearings. Today, the electrically powered light is no longer used for navigation, but is well-known and loved as the historic Three Sisters Light.


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9 Replies to “photo101 #7 ~ landmark”

  1. I love this shot. There are some round globe lamps on my street and it’s weird how much I love to look at them when the snow is on them. lol

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