13 Replies to “photo101 #6 ~ connect”

  1. It looks very nice – but the prices are exorbitant, at least here in DK. I still have the same HTC desire, it must be about 4 years old, and it still works. I dont use it for reading and things like that – the format is too small, I think.

    1. They’re expensive here too! I’m … obsessed, that’s why LOL. Now, with this larger screen, I use it for reading my books at night too — before I used the iPad.

  2. I have been going back and forth about which to buy next time around. Been considering a Samsung Tablet. Then an Apple Tab. And an iPhone again. As much as I like the Android OS, I will likely be moving back to Apple next time. These products have a slight edge over the Android/Google systems.

    1. I got so sucked into this, so I can’t even imagine making the switch. Then again, I should perhaps be more open and try something else … I’ve only tried the Samsung tablet, and very little. Since I now also have the Mac, I’m even less likely to change. I’m so pleased with the SIZE of this phone…

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