17 Replies to “photo101 #4 ~ bliss”

  1. Cuddly Kitty + cute jammies; ) = Comfort
    Being out in Nature + Photography = Connection
    And Momma had twins! Well, not so surprising I suppose, put into your semi-urban context.

    “Bliss” Is in the bee yard on a MidSummer day… Sunshine speckling on my face through the veil, inhaling the heavenly smells of honey and bee’s wax. Surrounded with bees so consumed with their work that they pay me no mind. The happy sound of their Industry fills me with joy, almost seems to lift me off my feet with their o’er whelming “om” – the Song of the Bee Hive…

    1. There you go … what you, so beautifully described, would be a nightmare for me. I suffer from some semi-phobia of wasps/bees, even though I’ve never been stung. That’s the only, real issue I have, with stuff I’m scared of. There’s no logic to it, I don’t know that I’m allergic or anything like that.

      But I do understand what you’re saying and I can appreciate it, the importance of their well-being is immense!

      1. It’s not like I’m standing there in shorts and tshirt – although some Beekeepers do. There are work boots on your feet, coveralls from top to bottom (secured at wrists and ankles) plus a hat with veil on your head.
        I promise you, that if you were there (and all rigged up; ) you would understand… Quite seriously, the tone of a happy hive is the VERY same as the “Om” of yoga and meditation.

  2. A cat on the lap would feel like bliss to me too, I love that photo of you and your boy. I would imagine deer would be quite a challenge to photograph, but you got these guys good!
    I found this theme very difficult to come up with something that means “bliss” to me, but your photos have given me something more to think of Rebekah – thanks for the inspiration!

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