It’s the 1st of November. Looking good, so far, but there’s lots of talk about snow for tonight. They started to talk about it several days ago, so it’s like people have built up great expectations for this ‘disturbance’ [I don’t think it’s a real storm even]. Yesterday, in the grocery store, it was extremely crowded, and it looked as if they were stocking up before a hurricane. I think we’ll get rain … plenty of it. We shall see tomorrow morning πŸ™‚

November, to me, is associated with darkness and rain. I’ve lived the main part of my life on the 62ΒΊ latitude and this time of year we don’t get too many hours of daylight. Saint John is on 45ΒΊ, which means pretty much the same as Bordeaux, France.

compressed_duck2More ducks are teaming up in the pond. They’re looking fine again, with their emerald green heads, after the moulting. There are many, little lakes in the park, but at some point they close the road — the loop — so you can no longer drive around the park. It opens again in the Spring. Hence, the ducks will only be fed at the pond [by people who don’t care about the signs], and it almost looks like they know it! πŸ™‚ Big bunches of them have moved over to the pond now, since Β the other lake soon won’t be accessible by car. One will have to turn around by the ‘squirrel feeders’, or walk.

I love to take pictures of mallards [as if you hadn’t noticed πŸ˜€ ] … I still do, after all these years. If I had to name a favourite bird (which is impossible), it had to be the mallard. Lately, I haven’t had much inspiration for photography. The new iPhone might have taken over my attention, but I sense it’s coming back.

The mallard photo above is compressed to 171 kb. If you’re interested in saving space in your WordPress account, and prevent your page from slow loading, please, take a read here. It’s a great explanation … very useful.

25 Replies to “Novembrrrr”

  1. Excellent photo, Rebekah. You have taken so many superb photos of ducks, amazing! I don’t always shrink my photo sizes, it depends on what the image is. Stay warm up there.

    We have a cold front blowing through today and tomorrow, high around 70. Back to 79 later in the week. When the temps dip to the 50’s and lower in the middle of winter, I feel cold these days, total acclimation has occurred.

    You can this Yank out of the north, but nobody will ever take the north out of this Yank…

    1. Thank you so much, John!
      I haven’t done it always either, and I have the self-hosted version. Something to think about. Would be way too tedious to go back and change! But this duck you see here … the quality is perfectly alright for computer screen, methinks.

      There’s a cold wind now, but still no precipitation. LOL @ the Yank!

      1. I guess the Yank term is an American term. I have a tiny bit different way of talking than the locals here do too. You really can’t tell the difference between a 200k image and a 5mb image unless you look very closely.

  2. Mr Mallard is looking gorgeous…I love your affinity with the ducks….I think they sense your love of themm & pose even nicer πŸ˜‰
    Did you get the snow? Rain? High Winds? We were told we had a Nor’Easter on Friday & Saturday…..if that truly was a Nor’Easter I am releived to live ‘inland’, lol…it felt like a mini hurricane πŸ˜‰
    Stay safe & warm….Novembrrrrr indeed!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (pouting)

    1. Yes, it was a nor’easter we had, but it almost felt worse than hurricane Arthur! We got rain. A little dusting on the ground this morning.
      Hugs and purr

  3. So you had it too?!?! It was soemthing with the hurling rainn & the wind was ridiculous; blowing things all over the place!
    Oh my it felt worse than Arthur? It must have REALLY packed a wallop there.
    We awoke to snow on Saturday morning; it melted & today it it is 10 C so no snow in sight…Northern Ontario got at elast a foot; they can keep it πŸ˜‰

    1. I’ve just watched the local news … they got PLENTY of white stuff in the northern parts of NB. Traffic problems, power outages … all the usual stuff. I think there were two systems … we started to get slush last night.

      Now it’s all over, and NB Power has a lot of work to be done…

  4. Northern ‘everywhere’ really got hit in Canada it seems!
    Slush is charming; NOT! Sounds like a bit of a ‘wet mess’, LOL….
    I am sure there were 2 systems; ours from the West & one that came up from the Southern States; so you were ‘doubly blessed’…. πŸ˜‰
    NB Power…at first I thought Nylablue & then it hit me New Brunswick, hahahaha!

    1. Ha ha!!! When I see those three-letter combinations on the car licence plates, I often make associations like that — but quite often from the medical terminology .. PAD for example. But then we have NDG which will always be Notre Dame du Grace in Montreal LOL

      Never thought of root canal before [perhaps because I’ve never had one], but now I’ll never forget it πŸ˜€

  5. Me too…I make words & buzz words out of plates so I can remember them…
    Like my besties letters: BRNM>brown noms>brownies…I know it is weird but it works.
    I had 2 Root Canals back in late 90’s & I realized RC was not a religion or cola!!! ROFL!

    1. Here, as opposed to ONT, they have only three letter, three digits (unless they have vanity plates, of course).

      Sometimes I see Swedish, three-letter-words that are funny, only to me

  6. We used to have 3 & 3 but there are so many cars we are now into 4 (letters) & 3 (numbers).
    Vanity plates here too…they are fun to figure out!
    Hope shopping went well.

  7. I try to always reduce my size for internet. I feel like I am reducing my carbon footprint. lol The duck is so bright it doesn’t look real.

    1. I’ve known this for such a long time, still hadn’t gotten into the ‘routine’ of doing it. Now I have it pat down.
      The sun was shining on the duck … it’s not altered in any other way than being cut out πŸ™‚

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