wp weekly photo challenge ~ descent … and more

spiral staircase, old courthouse, Saint John
descending steps

This afternoon I received an update from WordPress about the upcoming photo challenge photography101. It commences on Monday, so bear with me — you’ll see one photo a day from me during the month of November.

They will publish the post every weekday at 12:00AM GMT, which means 9AM my time [ADT = GMT -3]. That’s terrific, gives me ample time to ponder what to do with it.

If you signed up for the challenge, you’ll have the email in your inbox, otherwise, their page is HERE.

19 Replies to “wp weekly photo challenge ~ descent … and more”

  1. Love both photos altho the spiral staircase is my fave!! There is something magical about them…maybe they are a link between Heaven & Earth….(oh I am getting philosophical…lol…)
    Well done on your photos.
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue x0x0

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