nightmarish story

Somehow I stumbled across this story. Read the first paragraphs, and wasn’t able to stop. It’s long, but I didn’t notice. All along I was thinking «What a total nightmare to be in! Unfathomable!» I tried to envision myself being in her situation, but I couldn’t.

I, too, moved to another country, I don’t know too many people, but I speak the language and am perfectly able to get around in society. This story made me thankful for little things like being able to take the bus, speak to authorities and so on. Imagine not knowing where you live … not being able to tell your address! They had to find it via Google Streetview!

Please, if you have a few minutes to spare; read it!

The Evans Family is living in this World

18 Replies to “nightmarish story”

    1. Yes, I found it very moving too.

      I don’t know, but in a big city … one wonders what would have happened to her and the kids.

  1. What an amazing story. It’s nice to know that communities like that do actually still exist. I imagine in a big city it would have been an even greater tragedy. I know these things happen, but it’s just so hard to imagine…

  2. I can only agree with what the others already said! It is scary how people can be so isolated from the rest of the world, even though she is living in the middle of it all, if that makes sense…

  3. It seems that out of tragedy there is always some goodness; some act of unselfishness & unconditional love that follows. Life can change int eh blink of an eye for sure. It did for my Brother Dale when he was stabbed & killed in 1985. He was only 25 yrs old…his life taken in the blink of an eye & the rest of our lives changed forever…some for the good & the rest went to pieces…
    Soemtimes this world is difficult to comprehend….
    Love Sherri-Ellen x0x0

    1. Lives sure can be altered in the wink of an eye! I shudder to think about being that isolated as she was.

      How terrible to lose your brother that violent way. What a trauma! I’m so sorry..

  4. My Nanna was married to my Grandfather who was a Jeweller. He travelled from Hamilton to St. Catherines November 1932 to sell gems & he went ‘missing’. His body was not found til February 1933 & he was brought home Feb.12th, 1933 my Mother’s 3rd Birthday. Imagine all the wailing & crying & upset & NO party or gifts for my Mother…I believe it was the beginning of her mental health issues…
    Harry’s body had been frozen in snow & he was laid out in the Parlour for 24 hrs til the burial….I can only imagine the horror of the entire situation….
    I used to go visit Harry’s grave when I lived in Hamilton…I head heard so many stories about him & I have many black & whites of him with my Nanna…he was a gorgeous man….such a loss & my Nanna had 2 breakdowns because of the shock & loss.
    Violent sudden death is awful…..whther by murder or war….
    Life changes & it can never be the same…
    As for Dale I look at his photo daily…he would be 54 now…a life cut short for no good reason…I still miss him to this day…
    At least my Great Nephew carries Dale as his middle name; a small consolation.

  5. What a strange coincidence that we are the same age & we both had a Harry in the family & both were taken when you & my Mother were virtual babies….
    She was lost w/out a doting Father I know…
    Wehn my Nanna remarried Nathan (who I knew as my Zaida: Grandfather) my Mother liked him but he could never replace her actual Father…

  6. That was the weirdest story I ever heard. I can not imagine bringing someone to this country and not teaching them the basics of this life.

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