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Last night, I got an invitation to the new app, called INBOX, from Google. I didn’t receive any invitations to hand out, unfortunately. I’m sure it will go public pretty soon. As soon as I learned about it, I sent the email to, asking for an invitation and it took about one day to get it.

My first impression was it reminded me a lot of «Mailbox», with the difference that on the computer Inbox doesn’t support gestures. After I’d looked up the keyboard shortcuts, to find an easy way to move to trash, I liked it more. Even though we’ve got plenty of space in our Gmail accounts, I prefer to delete, as opposed to ‘archive’. Why in the world would I want to clog up my account with hundreds of various notifications from Facebook and Gmail?! I put them in the garbage bin right away.

For now, it only works in the Chrome browser.

On the phone and iPad it’s wonderful. I like it a lot! The only risk I see, is that in the beginning, before you’re fully used to it, it could be easy to archive some ‘real’ email by mistake, and lose track of it. If you get lots of email during the run of the day, I think this must be a relief.

I have no idea where Google is going with this. In the introduction they tell you that regular Gmail isn’t going anywhere, and it’s there … parallell with this new Inbox.

6 thoughts on “new app

  1. Annette Ursin Holmboe

    I have send a request for Maibox and got an answer saying that I will receive it soon. Then I will have a look at it. I only use gmail for some of my post, the more important is on the other one.

    1. Rebekah

      It took one day for me to get it, but I hear other people got it after 15 minutes. I’ve sort of given up, and have everything in Gmail. I love it on the phone … the app, that is. I’m sure they’ll be adding missing stuff to it..


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