a review?

Yesterday was a rather dull day, weather-wise. We were meaning to go to the supermarket, but both elevators were out of order. It’s one thing to walk down the stairs, but to walk up, nine flights of stairs, with grocery bags?! Nah …. then you really have to stop and think about if it’s really that pressing. I met the super out in the stairwell and he told me it would take several hours before the repairman arrived.

I got stuck in the elevator, just the other day. Stood there, for … I don’t know, perhaps five, ten minutes, waiting, to see if anything would happen. I was alone in there, so I got the opportunity to think about my situation … and really ‘take in’ the feeling of being stuck in an elevator. It was a first for me. I was totally calm and cool about it, didn’t feel the slightest bit of panic. Eventually, I pressed the button with a telephone on it, which took me to some call-center somewhere. She asked me my name (?) and if I had a cellphone with me (??). For once, I didn’t! Usually, when I go down to the laundry room, I do bring it, but this time I’d just brought down a bag of newspapers for recycling. At the same time as she answered, the doors slid open, so I just left and walked up. Some unexpected exercise there!

So, yesterday I didn’t do much. Was sitting here, reading a review of the iPhone6+ in one of the countless tech sites I’m subscribed to. It was a long article. The guy who wrote it, and I, seemed to be in total agreement about everything … I really liked with I read because he felt the same way as I. When I got down to the comments section — they can be fun to read, at times — the first person said: «Is this supposed to be a review?! I think it’s a love letter!» I smiled when I read it — it was true, but I hadn’t noticed … I’d just been sort of, nodding in agreement, throughout the article.

The other day I got the new operative system Yosemite, for my computer. This apparently happens every year when you have a  Mac. I’ve been through the procedure once before [Mavericks]. When I started the download, the progress bar told me it would take more than four hours. For most other people it took 30 minutes. Internet is slow in this building. Anyway, when all was said and done, it seemed to do something good to my computer. I had a problem before, where … as soon as it fell asleep, it disconnected from the wifi. Each time I came back and woke it up, I had to connect to the wifi again, which could be slightly annoying. This is really one of those First World problems! 🙂 Now it’s gone! What is most noticeable about the new is of course the flat design of the interface. I will get used to that too, but I will miss those three, little glassy balls in the top left corner. Also, when I write on a note, for example, then I just leave it there and walk away … I can pick it up and continue on the iPad or iPhone. Or so they say … it has only worked once so far.

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  1. The new OS is great is nice. My only gripe Rebekah, is the update did NOT fix the wifi disconnect issue. I have tried every so called solution I could find on the web, no luck. This is so disappointing, for the money I paid for this Mac Air, I expect more.

    Am considering a Windows 10 machine if I like the new OS, and have seen demos of it on the web. Apple is disappointing…. Have an Android phone, love it. Am going to purchase an Android tablet soon I hope.

    1. Wow, you know, I hadn’t even taken time out to check that wifi, so I didn’t even know it was a wide-spread issue. I thought it was me! Something that I hadn’t adjusted in my settings or whatever! So I was so pleased now when it was resolved on its own! So sorry it didn’t work for you … I didn’t do anything, it just worked.

      However … with the iOS8, I think the wifi has become a little … ‘sway-y’. There’s supposed to be an update available today, and we shall see what happens with that.

      I feel I’ve lost the grip of what’s going on in the Windows-world…

      1. oh yes it’s wide spread. try a search on it. apple is to me, supposed to be the cadillac of computers, i expect more. it really is enough to have me consider going back to windows IF i like the OS.

        it’s one thing to read about the new OS, a different thing to actually try it on a laptop in a store so i will decide then of course.

        1. I honestly don’t know why I never got around to checking it out … ! I was so new to Mac, and just took it for granted it was ME. Installed the Caffeine app, so that I could keep it going when I was downloading some larger files.

          Yeah, looking at it in a store is a whole different story from actually using it. What does your wife have on hers?

          1. She has the same Android phone I have, but uses a Windows 8 PC and a Surface Pro 3 with Windows 8 and gets along just fine with them.

            Not me, W8 sucks, and it seems Microsoft is admitting it by bringing back the start menu in W10 but still retaining some of the tiles and such from W8.

            With W8, they took a mobile environment and smashed it together with a desktop environment – not a good idea.

            1. On my last trip, back to Sweden, I was faced with a Surface at a friend’s place, for the first time. I was lost! Couldn’t even find out how to open a new tab in the browser. That’s not very intuitive, as I’m normally quite computer savvy. We had to call her son to find out (!).

              It was also the first time I saw Win8. It certainly doesn’t sound like a good idea. Apart from all that, it seemed to be a fine little machine!

              1. The physical Surface is very nice – just give it a W7 OS or maybe the new OS, but the way it is now – fail.

                Seems every other OS that MS puts out has been a fail for a few years now.

  2. Wow, SO not keeping up with the computer OS’. I do like how the new iOS “holds” your drafts onscreen instead of stowing them instantly into the Drafts file (so you forget you didn’t actually send the darned thing yet.. ):

      1. First time I noticed it – in a bar at the bottom of the screen I was working on – it said “working on comment”, or something like that… I’ll send you a screen shot the next time it pops up…

        1. Ahh … that’s the new «handoff», as they call it. If you start writing something on one device, and leave it there, you can pick it up on another … It’s Bluetooth. You can turn it off if you don’t like it 😀

          1. Turn it off? No way! *As long as it works right*, I think “Handoff” is a GREAT idea!

  3. My goodness!! I would have got a panic big time if I were stuck in the elevator!! It HAS happened to me once, and I were only a little girl that time, maybe 6 or 7. Scary!! I think that is the reason why I so hate small closed rooms today!

    And to have to walk up all those stairs with grocery bags!! I get exhausted to just think about it lol. I am very happy to live on the first floor! ( although I do not have that wonderful view that you have! )

    I have never been interested in looking into Apple for some reason… Maybe cause I know what I have and are pleased with it… At the moment I have win 8,1 on my computer

    1. As this was my first time, I made a point of really ‘stopping and thinking’ … to feel whether I’d get some kind of panic, but I didn’t. It was mid day, lots of people moving around, and since only one elevator was working [the one I was in], I knew it would have been discovered quickly, even if there hadn’t been any phone button 🙂

    2. Missed part of the comment, because I read in the ‘wrong’ place LOL … Those things you experience as a kid … they really sit there for life! I walked five floors. I was very tired, but not out of breath.Until 2012 I had NO interest, whatsoever, in Apple products. I had never even tried out an Apple computer. One friend in QC had one, and I felt so lost when I looked at it. It was the iPhone that sucked me in … big time! It feels like I could never go back 🙂

      1. Yup, same here. The beginning for me was starting to use my son’s first iPhone “just for texting”. There certainly wasn’t anything else wrong with my Motorola flip phone – it was an amazing phone and had a great camera (for that time) but data entry and texting were a nightmare! So, that was all it took… The next thing I knew, I was making entries on the calendar, setting alarms, saving phone numbers and creatiing contacts, looking stuff up on Safari and suddenly had a camera in my pocket – actually able to capture the moment – whenever I got the sudden urge to snap a photo…

        1. At the time the first iPhone was released, I was in a, very active, site called FriendFeed. It quickly became THE topic. I began to understand that there was something to all this about smartphones. Eventually I got a BlackBerry, but that didn’t really enable me to take part in all the discussions LOL …it was a whole different animal.

  4. Hi apple people lol. First, I was stuck in an elevator years back in the hospital I worked at that time. I wasnt at all scared, afraid etc, on the contrary, I took it as a little break from a very busy day. Eventually I had to call for help ( the help button, it was long time before mobile’s ).
    About W8,1 I am very content with it, I like the touch screen, and the interface isnt a problem at all. The only problem is I dont find that I have the same easy access to the kernel in the system as I had in W7 and WXP. Vista was really bad, Pearl had it and had so many problems. BTW do any of you know TAILS? Its a OS you can use if you want to work ” secret” on the net. It is build on a Debian kernel. The browser i Tor.

    1. Hej Annette! 🙂
      Two years ago, I couldn’t, in my wildest imagination, have thought I could be addressed as an Apple person *LOL*! About the elevator … as I said to Mona here below, they would have found out in just a few minutes, as that elevator is so busy all the time. They’re here working on them [we have two], modernizing them, as they say, and it isn’t going very good.

      I never heard a good word about Vista. I got Win7 and thought it was very good. Haven’t had the chance to look at any newer … 7 was my last. Me personally, haven’t heard about TAILS. I DO know about Tor, of course, I even looked into it for a while but gave up. Part of me reasoned «I have nothing to hide», but then the other part of me argued that by saying that, I’m giving up my right to privacy.

      I read an interview with Snowden, where he said you should give up Facebook, Dropbox and Google if you wanted privacy, and then, there was a big Google logo in the background where he was talking LOL

  5. Elevators are not my favorite way to travel in a building…but with bad knees & lower back sometimes I have yo use an elevator & I always say a little prayer!!!
    I am glad you got out b4 any panic set in…as for the groceries I am with you!

    1. Living on the 9th floor, and having done so for six years now, you never think much about them. Until they cease to work! 🙂
      If one wanted to do some serious exercise, the stairs would be an excellent opportunity! Sometimes I walk a few stairs here in the building, and they’re strange … the steps are higher than usual stairs. Easy to get out of breath.

  6. Chiming in — stuck in a college dorm elevator sophomore year. Result: always unease about using an elevator. That was over 50 years ago — and now it’s coming back big time to haunt me.
    I can’t use one any more except in dire emergency and then with someone like the Hub holding my hand. Ashamed of this but there it is! Thank goodness the way our life is now, I don’t have to very often. We don’t even have two floors in our house any more! All on the level.
    I admire you for your presence of mind.

    1. I think this could have turned out differently for me too, had it been, say, in the middle of the night. Now I knew only one elevator was working, and it’s VERY busy, so it wouldn’t go unnoticed. But since it was my first time, I made a point of stopping and really thinking … what it felt like.

      50 years ago, the elevators were different. Here, in my case, I placed a phone call to a person in some emergency centre. I think back then, there was just a bell, right?! In some hotels, you still can see those ancient ones, with double doors, and where you could see through the forged iron [or whatever black stuff they were made of] …see the cables ‘n stuff inside. Wasn’t long ago since I rode one..

      When you were in the hospital, a couple of years ago … how did that go? Must have been an elevator there?

      1. One ill drives out another???? I had a staff person “driving” me on a gurney or a wheel chair to get out. That helps a lot.
        When Frank was in the hospital it was harder. But I just gritted my teeth and did it. One true necessity drives out a “necessity”.

  7. LOL about the elevators; we do sort of take them for granted! I used to zip up & down stairs like a gazelle but that is a thing of the past. I do sometimes use the stairs to 2nd floor here but have to go one step at a time…so much for exercise 😉

  8. LOL those WERE the days for sure Rebby!!!
    I never thought I would end up in the shape I am in now. I could run like the wind & was on Track team…Sprinter & Relay runner! Also did L-O-N-G jump! All 5′ 1 1/2″ of me; I could fly….now I am so grounded…can barely dance anymore…this immobility is the pits! 😉

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