when I go to bed at night …

Many a night, I’ve wished my mind was as blank as it is now. I wanted to write about something but cannot remember what it was 😀

I’ve stared at this empty box, for a while now. The promise I made to myself to jot down notes with «blog-worthy thoughts» went down the drain, it seems.

Yesterday morning, I spent an hour and a half, searching for a photo. I had not tagged it. It’s unforgivable, since I know, from past experiences, that I might want to find it [and I did]. Still it happens. Just shoot me.


16 thoughts on “when I go to bed at night …

    1. I’ve tried Siri, but not [yet] with this one. It worked pretty well when I tried it.

      You say «when» you get … will you have to change to two-hands then? 😀

      1. Edinburgh opened its Apple store just this Saturday and I went in and held a 6 again (having held one in Glasgow a few weeks ago). Somehow in the interval between the two, Apply have made the phone slightly smaller and it fits in my hand OK and even one-handed operation is still possible-ish 😉

        1. That’s funny you should bring it up … was just saying to my husband, yesterday, that during these few weeks, the gigantic 6+ must have shrunk! It feels totally normal now 😀 I couldn’t live with any other size…

  1. LOL, that’s it! Every time I’d even think of using the iPhone for dictation, I’d get the irresistible urge to giggle… And, when David mentioned Siri just now, I got a sudden flashback of Darren’s boss, Larry (Taite?), on the old sitcom “Bewitched”… “Take a message Marge!” Anybody, besides me, remember the old dicta-phones?
    OMG, it’s an instant classic – “Take a message, Siri!” Right up there with “Beam me up, Scotty!”

    1. No, but Gerry does LOL … he remembers it well 😀
      It never made it to my country, although many others did. All the years I worked as a medical transcriptionist, we used dictaphones. Not so anymore, they use sound files.

      I can see myself, in bed, whispering to Siri LOL. I actually tried whispering, that time I tested Siri, and it worked 🙂

  2. Grandpa always kept a notepad beside his bed to jot down anything that would pop into his head while he was going to/already sleeping (and, once it was recorded, he could drop off soundly, knowing that he wouldn’t forget: ). Siri could definitely do the same!
    As to the lack of tagging, well that’s a REALLY bad one for me too…

    1. Those times, when I couldn’t fall asleep, I mainly kept thinking/worrying about things that hadn’t even happened yet. That is so dumb. That way you get to worry twice: both before they happen and when [if] they happen.

      I get my act together about the tagging.

      1. I have no idea what/who Siri is lol… so I am kind of lost here

        And do I know exactly how it feels to worry about things that has not even happened yet, and maybe even will never happen! I agree it is plain dumb! But it is hard to change as I have been like this all my life…

  3. I must confess when I used to write poetry I got alot of inspirations while soaking in the bathtub as a teenager & young adult….hilarious, yes???
    I used to have a notepad by the bed too…
    Now tho with having to use sleep meds I am not awake enough to write ideas down….
    (Maybe that is a good thing…) LOL.
    Did you ever remember what you wanted to write about Rebby??

    1. Poetry was never for me, but I always used to have notebooks close to me, in my handbag and so on. Thankfully, I haven’t needed sleep meds for a long time, but there have been periods when I’ve used them. Different kinds. They scare me a little, I feel they mess with my mind, but nevertheless, I’ve been very grateful for them too, at times.

      So far, I haven’t remembered … but it will come back, when I least expect it 🙂 Perhaps now, when I go to bed?!

  4. 😉 Sleep meds DO interrupt the creative process I agree. However I have such a bad sleep disorder with the bone disease & Arthritis’ that I had to make a hard choice. I need sleep more than writing something…plus I have not written much poetry in many years….
    LOL I bet the idea returns when you do go to bed, hahaha!

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