another social network?

Sometimes I’ve wondered why Facebook has no competition … if nobody bothers or they give up before they’ve even started?! In fact, I’ve thought of it quite often. Even though I don’t do much in there, I feel stuck … as if I can’t leave. Okay, there’s Google Plus, which has a beautiful interface, both web and mobile, but I have this strange feeling about it. I don’t know how long it’s going to last. Admittedly, I haven’t been very active there and don’t have too many contacts there.

If anyone was interested to start something, it would be extremely difficult for them to get people to move over from FB. For a while, a few weeks ago, there was a lot of hoopla about something new, called Ello. It’s in beta, and invitation only. They got a lot of attention for a while, I signed up for an invitation but still haven’t seen one! That was about two, three weeks ago. Yesterday, I got one, from a friend, and signed up.

Looked around in there for a while, but didn’t know what to do. For a while, I thought I’d lost that feeling of getting excited about new stuff online. Back in the days of FriendFeed, we saw new things all the time, we signed up, they came and went … not many are left, but it was fun. Then came the wave of migration to FB and after that nothing much has happened.

There was Google Wave for a while and then Google Buzz, but that never caught on for real, and were shut down. Google Plus has a steady user base, from what I understand, but I have this feeling they are mainly those ‘technically inclined’ … or however to put it.

Today, I came across a little video that reassured me that I wasn’t alone about feeling lost there in Ello.

In today’s day and age, I don’t think I’d let it out, even in Beta, before it had a mobile app. Also … given the beta testers more invitation links. That’s corrected now though, I got 10 when I signed up yesterday.

Could you think of anything that would make you move from Facebook?

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  1. Had a FB page for an hour or so once, a few years ago. No thanks. My wife has used it for years, still likes it but complains about weirdos and tech glitches sometimes. The only sites i REALLY LIKE AND USE ARE wp AND iNSTAGRAM. Oops, sorry. Instagram is a blast, so much great photography.

  2. Well I did leave and it is the best thing I ever did. FB has become boring. You are connected to so many people including kids you really have to be careful of what you say. There is not much substance.

  3. Wow, that’s a pretty blunt, nasty little video, isn’t it? You’re right though, just how are they supposed to attract people to sign up for…?? (and PAY for it too, REALLY!? ):

  4. I find myself slowly migrating to G+. I do think though that if it does get big enough to be Pepsi to FB’s Coke, it will start to have the same issues.
    I mainly follow it to see other people’s work.

  5. I hadn’t heard of Ello before this post, but it does sound like they were a bit premature in their release! I’ve found myself turning more and more to Twitter vs FB. It’s not quite the same, but its better than trying to keep up with FB policies these days (although I was just reading about new Twitter policies so…). The part about Google+ that bothers me is that it’s mandatory – gmail account = Google+ account. I should probably spend more time with it, but I find it difficult to get too excited. I am interested to see if it competes long term!

    1. I remember signing up for Twitter and FB about the same time, late 2006. Back then, many people seemed to think Twitter was some kind of chat line. Nowadays, it has turned to be more like a news source to me. I don’t have much interaction there. Just the other day, I read about their coming, new policies …
      Yes, you have to have a Gmail account, but at least they took away that thing about ‘real name’. Also, they no longer force new Gmail users to sign up for Google+.

  6. I guess I am one of those that still like FB. I might not be on there as MUCH as I used to be but I do like it. For me it is the best Social Network at the moment.

    I had never heard of Ello, and from the info I have heard of it in this post, it is nothing for me lol.

    Got curious of Tumblr a while ago and signed up, but it is also nothing for me so…

    I’ve got Twitter but must be months and months since I were there lol. And I didn’t like Google+

    LOL at that video!

    1. I don’t really DIS-like it that much either. It’s just that it’s becoming a monopoly … there’s no competition. Imagine if they shut down for just one day … all these billions of people — what would they DO?! LOL

  7. To be honest, I dont like FB, but I have many important connections there so I stay. I dont use it very much as such. My guess about FB and other social media is- MONEY: There is very many money involved in FB, I dont know how it is over there but many Danish companies have a FB site, Danish radio has several and so on ( and they over and over tell you to find them on FB. I dont know who is pulling the strings- but I am sure that there must be someone.

    1. Yes, exactly. That’s what creeps me out a bit — that everyone, not only private persons, are so connected to it. You see that «Sign in with your Facebook ID» almost everywhere nowadays. Of course it’s money. It’s always money. They tell you it’s free, but you’re constantly exposed to commercial ads that seem to fit your latest google search. At least he donated $25million to the Ebola emergency.

      All that said; I still have my connections there, so I stay. Hmmm…

  8. I stay to send private messages. I tried to stop WP from sending my posts but they just ignored the request so I have pretty much stopped everything. Guess I am getting old and just do not care as much.

  9. Hi REbby…I originally tried to join MySpace but it would not accept my email & password. It was so frustrating. I was on Yahoo 360/Multiply blogging which was great but I wanted a place where I could have lots of friends….as you know when Multiply was on its way out I came to WP as you & Maggie & a few others were here & I am so glad I did…
    That being siad I found Facebook invaluable as many who we knew on the old blog site decided to jsut use FB>>>so I am still in contact with approx 20 people from our old blogging days.
    I have College friends & real time friends & alot of contacts that I have made over the years who are like family to me…
    If there was a site that all my people would go to with me I would switch as I find FB VERY glitchy & sometimes so slow…I often wonder if it will crash one day because there are too many peopel for the servers….
    I have also heard people say FB will fade away…but as of yet that is not the case…
    So for now I am on FB & glad I have a place where all my people are…. 😉

    1. Yes, that’s true and I too, have reconnected with people from my past. I doubt highly it will fade away any time soon. It may not fill up with young people, but the ones there now will stay.

      I had so much fun back in the days of Y360, with my graphics groups and all that … guess I’m like a drug addict longing for that first kick. I must accept that it can’t be like that again.

      It’s something else too, that I have a harder time putting my finger on … something about all these billions of people signed up with all their credentials to ONE site. Their base of information is unfathomable. So that, plus the fact that I can’t bring myself to leave, sometimes makes me … a little uncomfortable. What it boils down to is; «It’s not FB, it’s ME» LOL

  10. I would love somewhere else to host an online group. There are options that cost….. but people don’t want to pay to join. so….. at the moment it’s still facebook.

  11. FB is rather likean eccentirc Aunti it seems…
    You are sure you love her but you find her fascinating, hahahaha!!
    Yahoo 360: the OLDEN dayz, lol….
    That is where we met…so long ago..

  12. “Could you think of anything that would make you move from Facebook?”

    There’s plenty of reasons to not post your own photos on FB. Here’s two:
    1. The ToS (terms of service).
    2. NSA.

    If you want to meet thee young, hip and trendy, Facebook is not the place to be anyway (but personally I don’t care about hip & trendy).

    1. I’m not either … I just want to communicate with friends.
      Number 2 creeps me out. Also … I think people tend to forget to check what can be viewed publicly there. If they want to apply for a new job, they might want to think twice about what they post.

      1. Here’s an interesting interview where they talk about Facebook (and other companies):

        “in 2009 it was observed that Amazon remotely deleted thousands of copies of a particular book. Those were until that day authorised copies. And then they disappeared. And you know which book it was that Amazon showed the Orwellian nature of its product with? It was 1984, by George Orwell! There was a lot of criticism, so Amazon promised it would never do it again unless ordered to do so by the State. That does not make me feel safe.”

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