another sunrise

Every morning, I wake up first. Only McDuff and I are up. When I’m finished reading news and email, I just sit and gaze out. We have a wide view of the neighbourhood … many windows. There are mostly old buildings, but in the midst of it stephensonall, there’s a tall, newer building. I don’t know what it’s built of, but when the first rays of sun hit it, it almost looks like metal! In a split second, everything turns pink … it’s as if the whole atmosphere, itself, is pink! That particular light is incredible and makes me thankful to be awake and watch another sunrise.

Photographers often talk about the special light, a few minutes after sunset and before sunrise. I’m in full agreement there … it is special, but I tend to think that sun-rise is the most awesome of the two.

Speaking of photography; many a time I’ve wished for a small P&S camera to carry in my handbag, or pocket, even … times when I don’t want to carry the big camera. Well, that’s all over with now. Yesterday I took some photos in the park, with the iPhone, and I can honestly say that it [the phone] has replaced any P&S I have ever wished for. When I got back and brought up the photos to full size … I was pleased. Just had to remind myself, all the time I examined them, that after all, they weren’t shot with a DSLR.

A few examples here. We still have a lot of colourful leaves left, and not all trees have turned yet, so there’s more to come. A Canada Geese-couple was still hanging around in the duck pond, most of their friends and relatives have left already.


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  1. I sort of that you might feel this way once you used the Iphone camera! Oh, love the new raccoon on the right hand side at the top of blog. Well, he may not be new, maybe I just now noticed!

    1. Yes, at least that’s one thing less to ponder. There are so many times, when you just don’t bring the big camera, but now I’m totally content with the phone pictures.

      The little raccoon image became more visible, somehow, with this new theme I’ve applied…

  2. I love the morning light — from the very first slight lightening on the horizon.

    For the next two weeks, I get to see it late, after it moseys up over the mountains. But it will still paint the turning leaves with that luscious gold. After that -for a few months- I’ll get to see it popping up out of the Atlantic. Although for me, it’s always so hard to leave whatever place I’m in, I appreciate the blessings of changing scenery. One good thing about being a snowbird.

    Great shots. My Android phone doesn’t do as well, but in a pinch….

    Best, Lori

        1. Ahh … Maine! Love it! We used to go there quite often, but now it’s been a while. I had my trip to Sweden in August/September so I guess that contributed also…

  3. Great photos!! P&S cams and phone cams take ‘real’ photos. That statement could start a war between photography lovers…

    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚
      Oh yeah, there’s always a lot of fuss … I don’t care too much about that type of stuff. I take photos of whatever I like and leave the technical stuff to others.

  4. That building really stands out!
    It’s that break of day thing that;s so special against the end of the day with sunsets. Different light at both times of the day, but sunrises are my favourite.
    Since I’ve had my iphone, I find that I’m using it for photographs more than my p&s.Haven’t decided whether it’s because the photos are so clear and sharp, or the fact that I always have it on me!

    1. As the quality improves + the convenience, I guess it’s both … with this new phone, it increased, big time, for me.

      I keep waking up the same time every morning now, and then it’s still dark. I don’t mind that, as I get to see that lovely light.

  5. Wow, not sure what happened. The blasted thing froze just as I was finishing (and now my comment’s gone):
    Suffice it to say, as you said once to me, better to be able to take that shot instead of “Gee, I wish I’d had my camera with me” and, although they’re not DSLR, they ARE full of what you felt “at that moment” and honestly, to me at least, that is what’s more important.
    The iPhone cam. keeps getting better and, although I find that there is still an issue with “certain times of the day/types of light”, there are other shots that are just plain amazing in their detail… (So, still a work in progress then, hey?; )
    LOVE the hen Mallard on her solitary paddle across the pond. The incredible beauty of the foliage at this time of year almost makes my heart break (with the knowledge that, all too soon, it’ll be swept away and the Wicked White Queen’s arrival will freeze our world in place: )

    1. Personally, I have an issue with the harsh sunlight of around midday … but I love to take pictures on overcast days, and that’s regardless of camera.
      Can’t say I practiced very much with the 4S, but that will change now πŸ™‚

      1. Yes, it seems to have difficulty at both ends, with overexposure in bright light and limited focus in more subdued light/shade (however, each version has improved by leaps and bounds: )

          1. Hey Bekah, if you happen to recall where you saw it, I’d love to have a look at that comparison as well: )

  6. Gorgeous photos πŸ™‚ I’m even more impressed that they were taken with the iPhone! I’ve been trying to decide which would be more realistic – iPhone or P&S for some time now. The more I hear the more I’m thinking iPhone would make more sense as the new ones really seem to take quality photos and I know I would have it nearby at all times!

    1. Thank you! πŸ™‚
      Yes, I’m convinced now. Also, the editing is much easier done in the phone. With the previous one, I had to open a different app just to straighten the horizon. Not so now … it’s all done within the native app.

  7. Lovely photos…it does not matter what type of camera you use; you always take great pix!!
    Love the golden building & of course the Geese..
    Autumn is here…settled in for the duration….*sigh*
    We know what comes next… πŸ˜‰
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (who sends her ‘eeeowwz’ to her beloved)

    1. Hi there, and thanks! πŸ™‚
      Yes, we know what’s coming … it won’t be long now. Someone saw a few flakes falling in my hometown yesterday! This morning, it’s 100% fog … I could hear Canada Geese honking but not see them, as I got up!
      McDuff sends his purringly πŸ™‚

  8. LOL we sure do know what is coming Rebby! It seems this year flew by even quicker than the previous few years. It is weird how time seems to speed up now that we are *ahem* more mature!
    Bet you are glad you got home here before seeing ‘flakes’….
    We had fog here last nite…guess we sent it to you πŸ˜‰
    Canada Gesse doing test fly byes here also….
    Nylablue sends her ‘eeowwwz’ & love to her #1!
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too

    1. We got some wave of unseasonably warm weather, with high humidity (97% right now), and it’s yucky! Rain, fog, drizzle …but most of all muggy!

      Yes, it’s strange how time seems to fly by faster now! Eeeek!

  9. tomite we are supposed to have WET SNOW!! I’ll send that over to you ok???
    It is raining & very wind here…cold too!!!
    So much for Autumn being nice,,,,,time flies because we are stuck inside more I think….

      1. We may be in for trouble here too… I had thought(hoped) we were going to be safe earlier (at 5:00) when it was +9 with the cloud cover and high winds; but now (at midnight) the barometer’s rising, it’s already dropped to +6, the clouds are moving out and we’re likely in for a frost(freeze?) by dawn): unless the wind keeps blowing… It’s just too EARLY for this, isn’t it?!?

        1. This beautiful Sunday morning, it’s FINALLY clearing up. We’ve had so much rain and fog and above all MUGGINESS so it’s enough for a long time. When I did slightest little movement, it was dripping … yuck. Temperature went down to 2ΒΊC last night, so may we’ll see some frost soon. Won’t be long until we’ll see the Santa Parade though LOL

      2. I FINALLY got the chance to read your camera comparison article (thanks for that, btw: ) and, while there are some improvements over the 5S – barring any unforeseen catastrophe – I’ll be sticking with what I’ve got, for now.
        The thing that really made me smile though, was the summary sentence…
        “… I do see significant improvements to low light and details in shadowed areas. The only thing we need now is adjustable aperture!” To which I say “Right on! You GO Apple!!” (Can’t wait; )

        1. Between 5S and this, I don’t think the difference is that big. There’s an app called Β«ManualΒ» … there you can adjust ISO, aperture and everything πŸ™‚

          1. Wow, my screen keeps freezing up and I’m losing everything. This is truly starting to tick me off!
            Could you give me just a little more info on that camera app, please? (Had a look and stopped after I hit four; )
            Thanks Bekah!

            1. Here:
              A powerful camera app with full control over your image. Quickly and simply adjust all parameters of your image. No more tapping and hoping automatic can understand what you want. Take control.

              Full independent control of

              β€’ Shutter
              β€’ ISO
              β€’ White Balance
              β€’ Focus
              β€’ Exposure Compensation

              I have it on my phone, but haven’t used it yet. I feel that there’s a certain learning curve with this. $1,99

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