We’re starting to see leaves changing colour now, even though we’ve had a few days of unseasonably high temperatures. Right now it’s 22ºC here in Saint John … can only imagine how hot it must be a bit inland.

Haven’t put the camera on my new iPhone to work, but I did take some totally random photos today, with it. Didn’t put any real effort in it.

For four days, I’ve had this iPhone now, I’m very pleased with it, and I’ve read lots of reviews online. The one thing that struck me at first, was how many people complained about the size … that they couldn’t use it with one hand. This intrigued me to no end … «One hand?!»I’d seen people typing on them with only their thumbs, but that’s still both hands. Thought about it so much so I had to google and see if I could find a video with someone using a cellphone with one hand, and since everything is online these days, I found one right away. A guy holding a phone, and using only his thumb! Well … now I understand that they would have a problem!

I guess it’s all about how your start out — I was relatively late in this game, and have always used both hands. My first smartphone was a BlackBerry, and the idea of just using one hand never occurred to me.

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    1. Thank you! I never got really ‘in to’ all this iPhone photo … not as many others have. I’ve seen excellent pictures.

      I love this time of year, so yes … there will probably be many leaves photos here 😀

  1. I use my iPhone 4 one-handed. I can reach everywhere on the screen and type and, well – everything.

    I spent some time in an Apple store last week, using the 6 and the 5s. I prefer the size of the 5s and just wonder what I would be giving up if I went with that. I would stay with the 4 except that it cannot be upgraded to iOS 8.

    I compared the speed of the Waterlogue demo on the 6 and the 5s and they are the same – but much faster than on my 4.

    I wish the 6 was just a bit fatter and a bit smaller. I stood in the shop holding the 6 in my loose grip by my side and it is just a bit too big for me.

    1. You do! 🙂 This is a whole different world to me … the one-hand-thing! That’s why I was so baffled by those comments I kept reading. Apparently it’s a common thing. I DO understand now, that to them, it must be just unthinkable to use both hands, as the other way around, to ME.

      Yes, the 4S was the last one that could upgrade to iOS8, I think. I did it, and it certainly didn’t do it any good!

      I’m entirely happy, so far. Could it replace my iPad?! Well … the jury is still out, on that one, but it sure is taking a lot of time away from the pad.

      Waterlogue is installed, but I haven’t fired it up yet…

  2. Leaves changing here as well now! We did not get up to 22°C yesterday, but I think it was around 18°C at least and that is not bad!

    Great pictures!!

    I have never used my phone with just one hand! Even though it is small, I have to use both my hands!

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, it’s a wonderful time coming up now!

      I think that ‘phenomenon’, about one hand, must be all about how you start out, and then it goes from there. To me; with the BlackBerry, the thought didn’t even occur … 🙂

      1. Yes I think you’re right. It is about how you start out and I have always used two hands, even on my small cellphone I had at first. And my smartphone is not big either lol

  3. I’m not an iphone person myself, but some of the camera/editing capabilities have had me checking them out more and more often lately! The new one (not the plus, but just the regular) is the same size as my current phone, so I think I could handle it…we shall see! As you said, it’s all in what you’re used to 🙂 Can’t wait to see more photos!

    1. Somewhere, I saw a comparison … they’d taken the same close-up of a water melon [I think it was] with the iPhone, starting with 4, up to this one (6). Amazing to see how the quality had improved!

      1. They must be harvested by machine – the stems are all EXACTLY the same length and angle… Kind of weird, don’t you think? Thank goodness, that a couple have a very tiny blemish; ’cause at first glance,I thought that they were those fake styrene decorations; ) Not sure how, but I missed seeing this post until just now):
        LOVING your out-of-doors shots: ) FANTASTIC colours!

        1. Yeah, now when I look at them, you’re right! Amazing … but they were real alright. That ugly character there was also moving and talking LOL

          Thank you, about the pics. Took some cat photos with it yesterday, that really came out nicely, too 🙂

  4. I’ll never be able to use my cell phone one-handed. Even with two hands, I type very slowly (and don’t think that I’ll ever learn how to swype). 🙂

  5. I am enthralled watching people tapping away on ANY sort of cell phone! I have no need for one so shall tap away on my laptop forever….lol…
    Your pix are lovely; you KNOW you never take a bad photo…
    Temps have been around 20-22 Celsius here also. Been cloudy most of the week. sun came out yesterday at noon & it was purrfect. Nylablue & I out on patio all afternoon. The same this morning & then clouds rolled in & it has been raining steadily for 4 hours….I think I need a canoe!
    Leaves falling; rain falling; temps fallin…yes Fall is here!
    How are you feeling today?
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too

    1. Thank you, about the pictures 🙂
      I have no need for one either, but I love it regardless. I have no need for any of this stuff, but wouldn’t want to be without it now.
      Feeling a little better, after I got the antibiotics, but it’s still not out of the system.

  6. You’re very welcome! You are a fab photographer!!
    LOL I hear you about not having the NEED of a iPhone. It is nice to have up-to-date gadgets.
    I am glad there is some progress; I think it will be a week or so more before you feel all better.

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