it has arrived


Yesterday … late afternoon … Bell finally called, and told me my new iPhone 6 Plus had arrived! They [Bell] have some system they call ‘pre-ordering’, which I don’t really understand, but that’s not the important part here. I knew about it, and had carefully instructed my husband to go out to the Bell store and pre-order it on September 12 when it was announced. Myself, I was away in Sweden on that day. In any event, now I have it and it’s beautiful! Light, thin, sleek … they tell me the battery life is supposed to be much better … Guess you could say I was «like a child on Christmas Eve» last night, playing with my new «toy», as Gerry likes to refer to it to.

DSC_4261We were three people, picking up our pre-ordered iPhones at the same time, in the Bell store, so I got to compare the smaller iPhone 6 with my own choice; iPhone 6 Plus. I’m very pleased with the size. Typing on it is a delight! I’ve had the iPhone 4S for a little more than two years and been nothing but happy with it, except for the fact that my fingers felt like little sausages when I was typing on it! In fact, it was that phone that sucked me in to the whole Apple ‘ecology system’!

Last night was mainly spent personalizing and downloading my apps so I can’t say I’ve put it to full use yet. Haven’t even tried out the camera yet. It’s still early morning, but I wanted to share this little piece of happy news with my fellow bloggers grin.




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  1. You sound like someone who’s just gotten a new puppy and I can’t wait to hear all about it! Enjoy: )

      1. They ARE fun… And EASY.
        And I LOVE the convenience of always having a camera in my pocket… There’s never any “Gee, I wish I’d taken a photo of that!” Or, “The light’s SO perfect right now, sure wish I had my camera!”
        Really looking forward to your assessment of the new 6+

        1. Yes! Someone said; «the best camera is the one you have with you!» In some situations, I tend to agree with that. Also … to carry the whole Internet in ones pocket or handbag … that’s convenient! 😀

  2. I can feel your excitement Rebekah! I know how much you love your iphone, and hope that this one surpasses your expectations.
    Personally, the 6+ looks too big for me although I can see the benefits as you say, when typing; I have the iphone 5 and am very happy with it.
    You must let us know how you go with it, and I’m particularly interested in seeing how good the camera is on it.

    1. Now, after a day and a half, I don’t feel it’s all that big. Should have tried and taken a picture of it, with a hand holding it … Also; going from 4S to this feels wonderful. From 5 to this, I don’t know that it would have felt like all that much different …

                  1. It’s or was much better there while my daughter was living there. She still can’t get over Canada’s plans. Friends here are with virgin, my daughter with talus. I guess I will start exploring there

    1. You won’t regret it Joss, the amazing convenience of phone plus camera (calendars, music, internet…) at least but – as to the Canadian “Cellular System” – well, not so much.
      If, as Rebekah says, things are so much better by comparison in European countries; I don’t see how our lack of numbers here could be much of an excuse, er reason, for the costs – other than straight up greed and the power to control, that is… ):

      1. Well, the only country I know anything about, really is Sweden, so I shouldn’t have said European. At least, there you don’t have to pay when someone calls you, AND you have the freedom to use a prepaid card in a smartphone if you feel like it. Here, you can’t. You must ‘have a data plan’. It’s greed … nothing else, and I doubt it will change ever.

        1. This is the third time in as many days that this subject has come up – that just because something isn’t illegal, doesn’t make it the RIGHT thing to do… We are all taught (well, 95% of us) about the Golden Rule, in one form or another, since birth. To “Do unto others, as you would have them do into you…” To treat others as you would like to be treated… Why then are we constantly hearing about some organisation or another taking the interest earned from monies in their care as if it were their own? Or feeling, because many customers are using Internet Banking now, that to charge those who don’t a 2$ “paper fee” is suddenly an allowable way of doing business when it was always a part of their cost? Would it not follow that internet customers should get a 2$ monthly CREDIT for being “paperless”?
          Sorry for the rant, but I’m tired of hearing of cases where they (persons and corporations) should be making Ethical Choices – where just because it’s not Illegal, doesn’t make it The Right Thing to do. OR, the only time someone gets their knuckles rapped, is because they got caught – NOT because they did something wrong.
          Not to change the subject to end on a high note or anything; ) but, how’s the weather down East, Bekah? Hope it’s as beautiful as it has been here and DO enjoy your new toy!

          1. Yes! Very well said. ‘They’ were recently forced to release customers from the 3-year-contract grip, they had to lower it to 2 years. But then they raised the monthly fee for the ‘plan’ from $60 to $80. They try to argue, when you question those $80, that it’s as if you have a payment plan on your phone. That’s so wrong, because when the two years are up, if you decide to just go on and keep it, you still have to pay $80. None of the major carriers is any better than the other. They’re exactly the same.

            Don’t even get me started on banks. In Sweden, they’ve taken it a step further; Swedish banks no longer handle CASH. I have no words…

            The summer refuses to let go here, it’s now making a come-back, with temperatures way above 20ºC…

            1. Oh, sorry! I’d forgotten about your aversion for hot weather… To me, it always seems that I’ve never had quite enough of (whichever season) is ending.

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