The day after I got back, or the very same night, I got so sick I haven’t been able to do anything. Haven’t even begun to process the photos. This has happened to me quite often, after a flight, that I get a bad cold. Probably the closed air circulation in the cabin.

Today, I started looking at a few of the photos, though, and here’s the reason this post is entitled Katarina:

DSC_4114 (1)

It’s Katarina Church in the south part of Stockholm. Its octagonal dome can be seen from many parts of the city, and it makes me kind of happy to see it. It’s old, constructed in the late 1600’s, but destroyed twice, by fires. The latest — 1990, was so devastating that only the outer walls remained. She was insured, of course, but somehow not enough. A major fund raising was initiated and already 1995 she was reopened.

For the reconstruction, it was decided that no modern materials were to be used, so there are 52,000 hand forged nails, just to mention one little detail. Special bricks, glass and so on…

Many famous Swedes are buried in the cemetery there … Anna Lindh, the former foreign minister who was murdered 2003, just to mention one.

Many years ago, I took one of those touristy boat tours of Stockholm. They pointed out every, single church of the city. I have no idea how many they were, but trust me … they’re numerous! Katarina is one of the 43 that are protected by the cultural heritage laws.

37 Replies to “Katarina”

  1. I didn’t know about the church. I remember Gamla Stan, the Vasa, and the quay where the ships came into harbour. And I remember the walk from the quay into the city – fragments of memories. 🙂

    1. I’ve never spent any longer amounts of time there, but many short visits. So many memories from way back, came up.
      The quay must be Stadsgårdskajen, if you arrived from Finland 🙂

  2. Katarina Church is gorgeous! I think it is lovely that all 43 churches are protected…if nothing else they are miracles of architecture!!!
    Please get well soon.
    We send POTP to you (Poer Of The Paw) 😉
    Much love sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xxx

  3. We meant POWER of the Paw…..typing by nite lite again 😉
    As for Katarina Church I think it is positioned purposely there so that G0d could watch over His/Her flock….
    (I am a romantic aren’t I??)

  4. Good to see that it was not a post about bad weather… When I saw the title I initially thought that it was about the hurricane.

    Why do they even give weather phenomenon names?
    “The hurricane Katrina”, “Hurricane Andrew” (why Andrew? Was the hurricanes father’s name Jona and the hurricane mother’s name Joanna? Did Andrew the Hurricane originate in the Lake of Galilee?!?).

    It would make more sense to name the hurricanes after the month and year they took place: The Hurrican of August 1992, makes more sense than Hurricane Andrew.

    If we’re sticking with names on weather phenomenon, why stop at hurricanes? What about Jenny the Whole gale? Jimmy the Gentle breeze?

    1. Ha ha! Interesting thoughts, CG! 🙂 «Jimmy, the Gentle Breeze» …that’s really something. What about all the Winter storms, they don’t have names, as far as I know. Maybe they should?! Using the month’s name would probably cause them to put numbers after — could be several in August for example.

      I think there are some kind of ‘rules’, how to apply for getting a hurricane named after you, and they publish the list of the named storms some time in the Spring. Sweden does the naming too now, of course, they can’t be lesser than the US 😉

      1. Hurricanes/Tropical Storms are named with successive letters of the alphabet. Pretty sure that Monsoons are as well…
        Please be careful not to let this illness go too long and “get away” on you, ‘k?
        Hugs, D.

  5. Interesting. It looks very beautiful. I love it when they restore old buildings in the old fashioned way when possible, I think it’s important to have keepsakes of old art and culture. I hope you’ll feel better soon, that was one nasty bug that got up your sleeve.

    1. I love that too, and in this case they really did a good job. There was a long description, in Wikipedia, about all the materials they used …
      Yes, this bug is nasty, because it’s still around — not out of the system yet.

  6. When/if I come to Stockholm again I must see that church. I love the Swedish churches, they are different from ours in many ways.
    It was a tragedy with Anna Lindh ( and Oluf Palme too).
    Get well soon.

    1. Annette,
      I was surprised, when I got this photo up, on the computer! It was shot so far away, so I never thought it would turn out anything at all. I was happy.

      It was an unforgettable night, when Anna Lindh died.

  7. Another fabulous photo Bekah!
    I love how most of the buildings in your pictures have black-painted trim… It lends such a sense of calm flowing from one to another; in spite of their many differences.

  8. It sounds stubborn. There is a very nasty Flu virus going around this town…not sure what strain it is but people are very sick…
    I am trying to stay away from any potential risks…
    Feel better soon; I siad a few prayers for you!!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue x0x0

    1. Thank you, hon! I’m not fully out of it yet, this Wednesday morning. Definitely caught it on the flight. Once it started, it broke out in full ‘bloom’ in just a few hours. In the long run, I might just have to go and have someone listen to my lungs..

  9. UGH I am sorry you are still not well Rebby! Tehre is an awful Flu/cold virus going around here…it takes almost a week to get over & the cough lingers for weeks & most people are finding they need Inhalers…
    I am starting to come down with it tonite…so if I disappear you’ll know why….
    Please take care of yourself ok??
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue x0x0x0

  10. Beautiful church, beautiful photo. I can’t even imagine 52,000 nails!
    Please take care, Rebekah. Make sure to get enough rest, that’s a really important thing. Enough looking at photos to amuse yourself, not enough to tire you out.

  11. Hi Rebby: It is now sunday & I feel like ‘death warmed up’…
    I had visitors yesterday & used alot of Olbas Oil & thought I shook the Flu off; apparently not!
    Feel worse today…had a Epsom salt soak…nice & warm & it has brought the dever out…which is good.
    How are you doing? How is your breathing? I am worried!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too

    1. Hey … I’m sorry to hear you got it too. Was thinking of an Epsom soak too … probably tonight, I have a bag here at home.

      I’m pretty sure I caught this on the flight.

      It’s still the same … nighttime is the worst. Going in tomorrow…

      Feel better soon!

  12. Ddi ypu have theat Epsom Salt soak?? I felt mine helped alot…I have Lavender scented & it is lovely. Eucalyptus would be better tho…maybe I shall buy some next time I get to WalMart..
    I am praying you improve soon!

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