to travel for a living

Each time I make these trips — Canada to Sweden and back again — I think of all the people who travel around the world for a living … who have to do it! I don’t know how they do it, and many of them have to go to work or conferences right away when they arrive! Their blood pressures must be sky high!

I get so tired so when I finally arrive at my destination, I’m totally exhausted, and it’s not even an extremely long trip! Now that I’ve done it a few times, I plan them well, in order to have ample time in transit … not having to run between gates or anything, I can take it really easy. Still, I seem to work myself up to a tension before going through security, even though I have absolutely nothing to hide!

At least the time seems to pass by faster now, that we have all these devices … I read or play some game on the iPad. Iceland Air now has inflight wifi for 7€ but I didn’t bother with that.

DSC_3663Today, my friend and I were going to have lunch together downtown. I went down earlier, walked around one of the little islands and took some random photos. The yellow building, tucked in amongst the trees here, is what used to be the hospital where my mum worked all her life. The hospital is no more, there’s some authority residing there now.

We’ve listened to a lot of new, Swedish music. I’ve so lost touch with that, even though it’s so easy to stay updated on the Internet. There are so many, talented artists that I’d never even heard about, and I’ve added lots to my Spotify list now.



12 Replies to “to travel for a living”

  1. I can’t imagine either how some can manage with flying here and there, all over the world! All the stress!

    Hey I get exhausted when I go on a bustrip just to next town, so to travel over the time zone like that… I probably would be like a zombie the first couple of days at least!

    What a lovely picture! It look like summer still! 🙂

    I do not keep up so much with Swedish music either lol. I used to listen to the radio all the time before but these days I don’t… I am mostly on youtube looking for music videos. I haven’t been on Spotify either for a while… Maybe I will check it out soon again!

  2. The older I get the harder it is to take long trips. I have never been gone as long as you are on your trips home. I don’t know how you do it.

  3. Sometimes I think I could live that life, traveling to new places to do whatever. Then I get to the airport and quickly remember how anxiety-inducing and annoying that type of travel can be! It really must be in how you plan it…
    The scenery looks amazing – lovely photo 🙂

    1. Nowadays, I never think I could live like that. It is the airports that are anxiety-inducing … I think that’s the worst problem, and I do plan so that I will have ample time in transit. It’s not that. Each time I get back I say ‘never again’, but here I am again 🙂

  4. Hi Rebby I have never flown overseas so cannot imagine how stressful it would be. I know I would have anxiety attacks trying to get thru Customs etc.
    It sounds like you have things planned well & are a seasoned traveller.
    I love the photo of the building behind the trees & its’ history….
    Thank you for sharing your memories with us.
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue 🙂

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