say cheese!

This week’s photo challenge will have to go by without my participation. The word/theme is «Fray». I had to look up the word first of all, otherwise I would have taken a picture of some frayed coat sleeves, if I’d had any.

Instead; as I want to write something, I’ll present you with this hollow smile that met me this morning! It’s my favourite cheese: Jarlsberg [Norwegian], and I noticed it was looking at me when I took it out of its plastic pouch.

IMG_0478This cheese brand seems to be common around here, but mostly in the pre-sliced format. Luckily, Costco carries it in bars or chunks like this. I find this to be more moist and succulent, also I prefer a thinner slice than the ones you get otherwise.

It has a characteristic smooth, shiny-yellow body, and a creamy supple texture, with a slightly sweet and nutty flavour.. It is aged a minimum of one year and is distinguished by medium to large holes. [I copied that from Wikipedia as I felt it coincides with my own opinion of it 🙂 ]

boxholmThe Swedes are really behind in cheese export! They have so many, good cheeses and not one is being exported [that I know of]! Jarlsberg has done very good for itself so why wouldn’t, for example, Prästost?!

This one, in the picture, we always used to have for Christmas, in my home. It’s very high in fat content — gräddost means creme cheese — but oh, so good!


18 Replies to “say cheese!”

  1. Ah, different cheeses – love many of them.

    Following up on your link, I just had to look up the meaning of Västerbotten cheese.

    It has a striking similarity to vast bottom – which sounds like a danger signal I should pay attention to.

    Google Translate thinks it is ‘west bottom’.

    I see it comes from up in the north of Sweden where it must be pretty cold in winter. Cows so far north – who would have thought it?

    1. It’s just one country up from where I’m from. West bottom was closest. In Finland, on the opposite side of the gulf, you have Österbotten. All this land was on the bottom of the sea before, but the land is rising … slowly but surely.

      1. Thank you. I love education! I don’t know whether I ever mentioned it but I worked for four years (with some breaks) in Finland, but not so far north.

    1. Hope you’ll try it some time! It has a very pleasant taste, not intrusive, it melts well and is easy to slice.

      I had found one, called Falkenberger, but last time I was there I couldn’t find it. Westgöta Kloster is good too..

  2. Hm, or how about this definition? A fray n.
    1. A scuffle; a brawl. See Synonyms at brawl.
    2. A heated dispute or contest.
    You can see more at:
    And that’s a cute chunk of Swiss you have there, btw… I LOVE Swiss – and Jarlsberg, in particular: ) Coincidentally, I had (but could only eat a small portion of) an AWESOME Reuben just yesterday, when we were in Oakville; )

    1. Hello, and thanks. That definition wouldn’t have made any difference in my photo challenge. Guess I just didn’t feel like it.
      Yes, the Norwegian Jarlsberg is so good, and it melts really well too.
      I don’t know Reuben 🙂

      1. You’ve never met Reuben? Ah, well then… A Reuben Sandwich is composed of Montréal Smoked Meat (or corned beef) with Swiss, sauerkraut and Dijon mustard all piled on Rye bread and grilled before serving. Usually served with French fries and dill slices on the side. YUM!

        1. I LOVE horseradish and – mixed with mayo on a Reuben – oh my, that sounds delish!! I will DEFINITELY have to request that the next time… Thanks for the tip: )

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