the super moon

DSC_3204After supper, last night, we were just lounging around … the weather forecast came on TV. The guy was talking about clear skies and that the moon was still 99% full.

I’ve shot a few moon pictures, during these last years I’ve had a camera, but never managed to get any type of foreground. It’s always been way up high in the sky. At first I was thinking I should pull myself together, take the car and go out some place where I could get the moon while it was still just on the horizon.

Gerry said to me, โ€œWhy don’t you just ask the lady across the hall, if you can use her balcony?!โ€œ. Yes! Said and done! Not only did I get nice photos of the full moon and Saint John harbour, but also a pleasant chat! I knew she was a kind lady, because she gave me a shamrock scarf for St. Patrick’s Day ๐Ÿ™‚

Shot so many so I haven’t processed them all yet, but here is oneย more … the Cathedral with the refinery to the right.

At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to see the moon, as there seemed to be a light cloud cover all around the horizon. The lady and I were just sitting there, chatting, when I noticed something deep pink showing up … thin at first, but then it came up quickly! It was fantastic, and I’m so happy I did this! I really enjoy night photography.

22 thoughts on “the super moon

  1. So were these with settings as low and slow as you could go to get these? (Absolutely Fabulous shots btw; can’t wait to see more! )
    Doesn’t it feel good to know that Mother Moon still watches over us, no matter where we are? Touches something deep in the psyche… Even more so to know that you shared the experience with the Lady across the hall – a(nother) member of our [very extended] family – and with all of us: )

    1. Yes, in the photo with the smoke, they were. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yes, the super moon always does something to humans, or so it appears, and definitely to our tides. What normally is a marsh, looked like part of the ocean today.
      About the little lady across the hall; I thought, when I found the shamrock scarf in my box; ยซonly in Saint John!ยป ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. That is beautiful and what an angle on the city! It was so bright here it looked like a spotlight was on but I didn’t go outside.

    1. Thank you, Suz! I haven’t taken any moon shots either, for quite some time. Due to weather or laziness. Someone had tried with a cellphone, the night before, and I thought I really have to pull myself together, now that the skies are clear!

  3. Lovely super moon shot. I was planning to go out and photograph the moon that day, but when the evening came we were all too tired to do anything at all…

  4. Getting the foreground in with the moon shot gives it all perspective, it’s a brilliant shot Rebekah, well done!
    Your second photo shows Saint John off so well, it looks so pretty at night.
    Did you show the photos yet to the lady whose balcony you used? You probably made her night!

    1. Thank you, Barb! I was so happy to get those … and not just the plain moon up in the sky!
      Yes ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve started to send them over to her … she’s all set up with email and Facebook! She’s going to show them to all her friends, children and grandchildren *smiles*

  5. The moon looks fab in your pix. The moon did not look any bigger or fuller or deeper color here at all. Maybe because we have streetlights & outdoor lights?
    Love the Cathedral photo; great contrast with the refinery!
    Love Sherri-Ellen

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