the wait is over

I now have Spotify. First time I heard about this music streaming service, was probably 2008 or so. Back then, there were fairly easy-to-use work-arounds to be able to use it. First time I used it ‘for real’, so to speak, was 2011 when I was in Sweden.

It’s just one of those products where it says “Not available in your country”, like you see in YouTube, at times. Well, perhaps not you who are in the U.S., you can probably watch everything. Either way, I’d signed up long time ago, for Spotify. It got so tiresome to use the VPN to listen to music, so I rarely bothered.

Two days ago, I got an email that I’d been chosen (!) to sign up for Spotify in Canada, so it’s apparently not openly in Canada just yet.

Slowly but surely, I’m building up my music list, which is fun. There’s nothing like music, when it comes to memories … one song leads to the other. So far, I’ve only added the ones that come to mind right off the bat, but I have lists in other services that I’ll check out later.

I’m not sure if this Spotify thing is as popular in North America as in Europe. It’s tightly integrated with Facebook, and I can see what my FB-friends are listening to.

23 Replies to “the wait is over”

  1. Music come with memories, some songs make me smile and be 20 again…. I really like Spotify, my angry list contains songs that make me happy.

    1. Yes, it’s free, and I like it. To be honest, I’d forgotten about Grooveshark for several years, until just a few months ago, when I was reminded by another blogger here 🙂

  2. I was one of the first that had it when it was all new! I can’t remember all details… but I think I read about it somewhere that it was going to start and if anyone were interested they could sign up on a list and I did and like you I got an email after a while! 😀

    And you are so right, music and memories goes hand in hand…

                1. When I wasn’t watching news, I just left the TV on MTV … as instead of radio! There was another song at the same time; ‘No Sacrifice’ with Elton John, but strangely enough; no bad memories there..

  3. Spotify is popular in Sweden neighboring country Norway as well. I don’t use it myself, mainly because you’ll have to pay if you don’t want to listen to ads. Since I don’t have a smart phone either, I really have no use for it.

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