got an email from google

At some point in time, I must have signed up to get notified when the new Google Domains sprang into action. The other day, I got an email, telling me I could sign up for Beta testing. Now, this wasn’t for me, for the simple reason I already have a domain and secondly it was U.S. only.

From what I understand, they will be a registrar only — not a host. Before, you could sign up for a domain within Blogger, just like you can in but that function is no more. The website builders they suggested were Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and some more that I can’t remember. You can read about it here: LINK.

6 Replies to “got an email from google”

  1. I’m guessing, as you currently use WordPress, that it’s the platform you’d prefer to stay with and would recommend to others (who may be thinking about taking the plunge; )?

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