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DSC_3011This little guy has been seen swimming around the duck pond for several weeks now. Looks like a beaver, but it isn’t — he’s much smaller! It’s a muskrat. I’ve seen them a few times before, but never this close.

In Swedish, they have a cute name «bisam». They do live there too, up north, but not naturally — someone put them there.

I remember when I was a kid, my mum bought some type of hat, made of this animal’s pelt. Back then I was too little to reflect upon it, but today I wonder; are people still wearing fur coats?! I haven’t seen one for ages!

DSC_3030When we lived in Quebec, we had a pool. A muskrat fell into it and couldn’t get up. His claws destroyed the lining in the pool so it had to be replaced. That was before my time … I didn’t see it myself.

The ducks and the muskrat seemed to get along just fine. For quite a while he was swimming with a whole group of ducks!

Today is New Brunswick Day. It’s a holiday in almost all provinces in Canada … different name, depending on where you are.

In Sweden, this day would have been referred to as a «red day». All these type of days, Sundays included, are marked with red in the calendar; the Swedish Almanacka, like this:


You see how Friday the 6th of June is marked in red here. That happens to be Sweden’s national day, it’s a holiday and many [most] people won’t have to go to work.

34 thoughts on “new member

  1. purpleborough

    Cute little guy. I have a mink hat with matching stole and a black mink coat as well as a suede coat with a mink collar…so poor little minks and no, I do not wear them.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    At one time, every member of the RCMP was issued a winter uniform hat, made of Muskrat. Their fur is better than Rabbit (which was most often used for baby clothing) but no where near as durable as Beaver…
    These days most people wear faux fur, made from environmentally detrimental, nonrenewable oil. It is not bio-degradeable. It does not breath, but instead retains unhealthy moisture and encourages mold growth. Manufacturers spend millions on developing (often toxic) chemical coatings to mimic what infinitely sustainable animal hide does naturally.
    Unfortunately, Animal Activists have made it taboo to use real fur; which is a real shame, in my opinion; as natural fur is harvested locally, in a humane fashion: and, in order to be sold legally, MUST be done by a registered member of the Trappers Assiciation; under very strict control by availability of species.
    To me, it’s Cruelty of the worst kind seeing animals that are sick or starving because of over-population; nothing worse than seeing animals being killed on the highways – or “escape” and die days later, as a result of their injuries…
    Over the millennia we Humans learned to hunt some animals for meat and to waste nothing by using every scrap for another purpose; while creating symbiotic relationships with others – like the Dog and Horse – for the benefit of all.
    Birth, Life and Death are all part of the grand cycle and, to be thankful stewards for the life that sustains us – that which we harvest from the air, earth and water – is how we evolved.

    1. Rebekah McNulty

      Well … luckily for me, I’ve never felt the urge to buy anything with faux fur. Why try to mimic something, and that goes for many instances, not only fur?! *rhetoric question*

      Thank you for taking time out to write this comment.

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    Sorry Bekah, got totally carried away by the enormity of it all… ):
    Love your photos of this gregarious little fellow: ) and hope you have a GREAT New Brunswick Day!

  4. suzink

    I think most people are afraid to wear fur because of Peta. There is a big fur store in Tulsa though. So I know they sell them. I have never seen a muskrat that I know of. I assume they are in more wooded areas here. Remember the song Muskrat Love?

            1. Rebekah McNulty

              Must check it out when I get back to the computer. We’re out for a little spin, this, very pleasant, day. Hardly any traffic — everything is closed. Nice …

  5. daydreamer2011

    Cute pictures!! 🙂

    Must admit I haven’t see any wear a fur in some years, well except my Mom then and she has a fake one lol.

    Anyway if I saw someone in a fur this time of the year, I would know they had lost it for sure ROFL!!!

    Can’t sleep tonight cause of this freaking heat… meh!

  6. Nylabluesmum

    Nothing like a little Muskrat Love!!! (Do you remember that song??)
    He sure is a cutie & unafraid of the ducks….so so cute…
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too x0x0x0

  7. Nylabluesmum

    LOL I was going to psot the link to the song here but you beat me to it…
    Muskrats are overlooked alot & they are really very cute & industrious.
    You have such a good eye for seeing all the wild life in your beautiful park.

    1. Rebekah McNulty

      I’m really thankful for the park, and also glad to see that it’s really taken advantage of by the people here. It’s such a gem, and right here IN the city!

  8. Nylabluesmum

    We have a 143 hectare park called Harrison Park in our small city here too. We also have a bird reserve there. It is lovely! I hardly go there anymore which is sad. It is my fave place in this whole place!
    Maybe I shoudl book a ride soon 😉
    Love Sherri-Ellen

  9. Nylabluesmum

    The city buses do not go near the Park so I have to book Mobility Transit to get there & back. I don’t drive & i can not walk that far anymore. I am still thinking I might book a ride!!
    It would do me good to get out!

    1. Rebekah McNulty

      Yes! Go for it! I don’t know what it is [Mobility Transit], but it sounds very much like something we have in Sweden. If you have some kind of document from your Dr. that you have a hard time moving around, you can call a cab an only pay a symbolic sum … regardless of where you’re going. It’s really cool 🙂

  10. Nylabluesmum

    Mobility Transit is for disable people to go from their home right to their destination. We book rides a week or so in advance & pay $2.50 each way. The special bus can take up to six wheelchairs & 12 people & room for walkers.
    I have a document from Doctor on file with City Hall so I can ride the Mobility bus….
    I love Sweden’s idea also!! That is very humane; wish we had that here also. If I need to a taxi with Nylablue it now costs me $8.50 EACH WAY! No discount or anything….pets are not allowed on the Mobility bus….*sigh*

  11. Nylabluesmum

    I figured you had that kind of transit there…it is a wonderful service.
    It does take some planning but worth it. I was suppsoed to go to Shelter last Friday to visit Suzy Q but she was adopted on Tuesday so I just changed my destination & wen to see my previous Landlady! So it worked out well. 😉

    1. Rebekah McNulty

      That’s wonderful … that you’re friends with your previous landlady.
      The shelter here, is way out in an industrial area. I go there once a year, to buy their calendar 🙂

  12. Nylabluesmum

    We always were close…in fact she & her hubby were more like an Aunt & Uncle to me than Landlords. Bob passed away 2+ years ago & it was time for a visit… Lucille is now 89…
    I talk to her montly & send thinking of you cards & of course Xmas cards….she means alot to me! Her family like that I keep in touch too.
    Our Shelter is out on 18 Avenue East where it used to be the Industrial park. The other Shelter is out in Rockford so I have never been there as the buses do not go out of town..


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