Yesterday’s fog

Carnival Splendor
There’s a big cruise ship hiding in here

Not until yesterday did Saint John receive the first cruise ship of the season! The first one got diverted to Bahamas, due to tropical storm «Arthur». The fog was so thick so we couldn’t even see her from the lookout point, Fort Howe. Not much fun for the 3,500 passengers, I guess. The fact that it was slack tide at the main attraction — the Reversing Falls –would make it harder to understand! If you’d heard about the falls and expected to see something … spectacular, you’d be disappointed! I remember myself, standing there like a big question mark, the first time. Even though I’d read about it beforehand, it took several visits before I caught on. Ideally, it would take three visits to fully appreciate the falls: Slack tide, tide rolling in and tide gushing out.

IMG_8523We were going out for supper, and I didn’t bother to bring the big camera. For some reason though, before we walked out the door, I grabbed the little Canon. One of the main reasons I have a DSLR in the first place is ‘birds’ 🙂 The DSLR can focus much faster, and birds do have a tendency to move around … rapidly LOL.

Spotted this female Yellow Warbler on Hanover Street. She almost ‘melted in’ with the leaves, but I thought I’d give it a go with the little camera. I couldn’t see the bird on the display … this camera doesn’t have a viewfinder … so I just took a chance and aimed into the green. It’s cropped a great deal, but I was still happy to see that I managed to catch the bird.

17 Replies to “Yesterday’s fog”

    1. We’ve had the most fog days in ages this summer! The ‘romantic Fundy fog’ takes the edge of the worst heat, so I’ve been grateful. Haven’t griped even once about the heat this year 🙂

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