nodOur media library in has been revamped. It looks good! When I read about the upgrade, I got excited! Thought they’d added the feature I’d wished for, for a long time: The ability to filter featured images! I’m not alone in wanting this. Everyone who likes to change themes every now and then, must have come across this problem. If you have used featured images, then some themes might look stupid.

Not only the media library but also our elevators, here in the building, are getting revamped. ‘Modernized’ they call it! There are 160 units, which makes for a lot of people! When both elevators are working, you never think of how many people there are. I’ve often thought that you can live here for a very long time without ever seeing another person. It all depends on what time of day you go in and out … if it happens to coincide. Sometimes you see someone three days in a row and then you never see them again.

Now, there’s only one elevator working, and that makes a huge difference! We’ve seen so many people we’d never seen before, and it’s always packed! You have to wait for ages before it comes. I think there must be a security hazard, but I try not to think too much about it.

IMG_0316All this started the 24th of June. The reason I know this date, is I was looking for a photo I took with the phone. It’s a crane, lifting parts up on the roof to the elevator engine. That was the day it started. Today it’s 31st of July and they’re still not finished with the first elevator. Bleh!

The little flower, in the beginning of this post, has a bit of a history of its own. It was the first photo I ever took with a digital camera! We’d bought a Nikon in the clinic where I worked, probably in 1999. The doctors would be able to take pictures of all kinds of conditions … eczema ‘n stuff like that. We thought it was an awesome gadget — to be able to bring up the picture on the computer screen the moment we had taken it. No waiting a week for development, no worrying about film!

My blogging buddy, over at Touch2touch, wrote about a flower named Johnny-jump-up, yesterday. I saw that it was the same — ‘viola tricolor’ — that is also the provincial flower where I come from. In daily speech, it’s called Night and Day [Natt och Dag]. ‘Night’ referring to the the dark purple. ‘Day’, of course to the sunny yellow part. It has another name too, but I’ll get back to that another time.


34 Replies to “revamped”

  1. “Natt och Dag”, what a great name – especially when you really LOOK at the Johnny-Jump-Up and see that his “face” actually looks like a (n upside-down) sunrise!
    Geez, I hope your elevator(s?) are finished soon!

    1. Yes, it does, now that you mention it 🙂

      They’re far from finished with elevator #1, so this will take time. Yesterday, the lobby was packed with people, waiting! The ambulance was here, picking someone up, so that make the one elevator occupied. Now, we have a new month coming up! That means many people moving! Yay! [not]

  2. Love the ‘Night & Day’ flower; it is so delicate & beautiful Rebby!
    I am using a Nikon Coolpix & I adore this camera. I like being able to take a bunch of photos & then pick the best ones. No more wated film is great!
    As for the revamping of your elevators sounds like it is a long process. Do you have a freight elevator? When my Father lived in Camelot Towers (back in Hamilton) there were 3 elevators & 1 freight elevator. So when the regular elevators needed servicing we would take the freight elevator…it was kind of scary but it got us downstairs….
    I hope your elevators are operational soonish… 😉
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue x0x0x0

  3. About the flower – In the UK I know it as heartsease or wild pansy.

    It’s small and low to the ground – but for all that it is much bigger than the tiny germander speedwell and the scarlet pimpernel – both tiny and beautiful flowers.

          1. You’re quite welcome!: ). PFAF (Plants For A Future) is a killer database for info on plant uses… It’s their entire raison d’être.

      1. Um, don’t know where it went, but I’d sent along info on Heartsease, Scarlet Pimpernel and Germander Speedwell and then “POOF!” There it was gone!
        Do you have a block on sending links, by any chance?

          1. SHOOT! Won’t bother trying that again, I guess…
            So is it still somewhere that you can get at it, or no?

  4. Digital cameras are awesome; just like the telephone with Call Display 😉
    too bad you don’t have a freight elevator. Large buildings in Ontario have to have one…
    Must be a provincial thing.

  5. Now that is interesting Rebby! We only have 1 building higher than 4 storeys here & it is the “High Rise” next door.: 8 floors high & a86 units; it is a mausoleum…so glad I do not live there I can tell you!
    56 units is even too much for me 😉

  6. LOL I always ended up on the 3rd floor no matter where i lived except for my house in the 70’s & the house I lived in here & now this apartment….I guess I broke that trend!!
    Being on top floor has advantages doesn’t it?? 😉

    1. Ground floor can have its advantages, when it’s a safe area. A little patio and all that 🙂
      Once I lived on the 4th [top] floor without elevator, and I sure got a lot of exercise…

  7. I like the ground floor for the patio & being closer to Nature than stuck way up high.
    I used to get mega exercise living on 3rd floors too…no elevators… 😉
    Now with my mobility issues I am glad to be on ground floor I can tell you.

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