Rockaway Beach

We’re under a fog spell. Right now, I can’t see anything but compact white out the window. There’s a reason why they call Saint John «Fog City»! I don’t mind. It takes the edge off the worst heat, when there is any. Yesterday it was rather on the chilly side. When I got out of the building, I thought I should have put on a coat!

IMG_0439Didn’t bring the camera, but I shot this with the iPhone. Two of our powerful, little tugs, waiting to guide this tanker into Courtney Bay. When I first saw the ship, looming in the fog, out on the horizon, it looked huge! Somehow, the fog seems to make objects appear larger than they really are … or … maybe it’s just me! It was high tide too, and that also helps.

This place, where I took the photo from, is called Tin Can Beach. We’ve lived here for close to six years now, and not until about a month ago I found out its original name used to be Rockaway Beach. The only Rockaway Beach I knew of before, was the one in New York City — thanks to Seinfeld. If you were a Seinfeld watcher, you might remember that Kramer went out there hitting golf balls. He even did a ‘hole-in-one‘ on a whale (!).

People just started referring to this place as Tin Can Beach, long time ago, and that name stuck. The city is going to clean up the place, I read it the paper, and that’s also where I learned about the name. They’ve already planted a lot of trees there so at least the process has started.

10 Replies to “Rockaway Beach”

  1. Interesting about the name of Rockway Beach being known as Tin Can Beach. Sounds link it might be a nice place to visit after it’s been cleaned up.
    Just as a matter of interest, we have an area here called Tin Can Bay!

  2. Kramer did a “hole in one” on a WHALE?!?
    Wow, visceral reaction here (and not in a good way): Never really got into Seinfeld… Guess you had to be there?
    Good luck with the chilly damp! It’s been unseasonably cool and rainy the last few days here as well): Normally, by this point, we’d be in the midst of a heat wave and drought…

    1. Yes, and it was extremely funny, in spite of what it sounds like 🙂 . There’s a link to the video there. I started to watch Seinfeld when I came here in 2004. Watched every episode, several times, and loved it. Still do.

      Fog is lifting somewhat, as I type, but I don’t know if it’s for sure — it changes in a matter of seconds as it rolls in and out all the time.

  3. Nice picture!! And I think that ship looks huge as well!

    We’ve had another thunder storm with rain and now it is cool fresh air coming inside my windows, soooo nice!! I am enjoying the moment! LOL

    Interesting about the names! And I am sure it will be an even greater place once they cleaned it up!

    A hole in one on a whale!? hahaha

    1. Yes, some people have used this place to dump their garbage.

      He [unintentionally] hit the ‘breathing hole’ [or whatever it’s called] on the whale. This sounds terrible, but it was funny!

        1. LOL I don’t think so … I wouldn’t even have come up with the idea of something like that. Just remembered that episode, because it took place on Rockaway Beach.

          Sometimes, you have to wonder how the writers manage to dream up something like that 😀

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