what’s it all about

I wonder what they would remember me by, if I were to vanish from this ‘blogosphere’. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sound all morbid — it was just a thought experiment! For several years I have blogged without a theme and it has worked out fine for me. In spite of my many moves, I’ve kept my wonderful connections. It’s the communication part of blogging I love the most.

When I started, I was still living in Sweden, and one, important part was honing my English. That fact is still standing. I always strive to improve, both as a person and as an English-speaker, but there are times when I really need to relax a little. I can get so caught up on some grammatical intricacy that I rather keep quiet than say something that might be wrong (!). It’s not common, but it does happen. Then I listen to someone on TV — could be some person, way up in the political hierarchy — with a terrible accent, making all kinds of grammatical mistakes! This reminds me that even though it’s good to learn and try to better oneself, there is no need to get all worked up about it. If they [the guys on TV] have reached their positions with that way of speaking, sure I can write in my little blog! LOL!

As I was thinking «What’s it all about?,» a song came to mind: ‘What’s it all about, Alfie‘!  I couldn’t get it out of my head and was convinced Gilbert O’Sullivan recorded it. Searched all his songs in YouTube, but couldn’t find it. Turned out many artists had covered that song, but not Gilbert.

Instead, I found this song — one I hadn’t heard since the early 70’s! I loved it then, and even more so now. Back then I didn’t appreciate the lyrics as much as I do now.


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  1. Great song Rebby!! I have folowed your blogs since 2006 & no matter where you go to blog or what you write about I am always interested! Your blog has a lovely flow to it….
    Please don’t disappear from the blogosphere; I would miss you terribly!!!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too (who sendz purrz to *her* McDuff) 😉

    1. Hey … no, I have no intention of disappearing 🙂 Just had some general thoughts tonight.
      McDuff sends purrs right back — he just got up after a good snooze.

  2. Whew that is good!! I think you were my first contact if I remember correctly. Then there was Pearl H. & then Maggie M & Maureen C. They are all just on FB now so we still keep in touch. We had a lovely little group back on 360 didn’t we??
    Mind you the blog community here is amazing! I have met so many like minded & kind people here. People who have helped us with things & helped me keep Nylalbue with me.
    This is my oasis from the insane world *out there* 😉

    1. Yeah, Y360 was so much FUN! I will never understand what got into Yahoo, why they shut it down. Must have had something to do with money. It always does.
      WordPress is terrific, I think, because they interact with their users. It’s thanks to that, I too, have this nice circle of blogging buddies.

  3. I LOVED Gilbert O’Sullivan – but, I’m ashamed to admit, have never heard this one before. Thank you!
    What’s it All About, Alfie? From 1966 with Micheal Caine. Cilla Black sang the title track: ALFIE by Burt Bacharach & Hal David

    (The 2004 version with Jude Law wasn’t half bad either; )

        1. OMG yes, the hair! No WONDER he was wearing that cap… It was to hold it all down! (I wonder if he ever manged to find a good stylist to help all that amazing natural curl?!

    1. I did too, and the lyrics of this song are really good.

      It was a cute little movie, but it’s way back in my memory now. Going to listen to the Jude Law version now 🙂

      1. Honestly, the original song is embedded in my memory, for some reason… MUCH more so than the actual movie itself! Her voice is just so powerful and yet seemingly effortless at the same time… All these years later and it’s only now that I realise never knew who sang this song – had never even heard Cilla Black’s name until I read the Wikipedia piece last night. (But, now that I have… ; )

        1. Had not thought about it until last night. Somehow the wires were crossed in my memory, so I thought it was Gilbert O’Sullivan. When I read it Wikipedia, and it all dawned on me, I remember hearing it with Barbara Streisand and a few more. Cilla Black I remember well from my youth..

  4. You were the first person who ever left a comment, I think. I would miss you and McDuff/McNulty 🙂 and you always care, post gorgeous photos, and I get to see “us” again through eyes.

  5. Wow, that video of Gilbert O’Sullivan took me back, he was very popular when I was a teenager and I loved him.
    I remember Cilla Black sang “What’s it all about, Alfie” which was the title song to the movie Alfie with Michael Caine, way back but don’t ever remember Gilbert singing it.
    I know you’re not going anywhere, but I would remember you for your fantastic photography of wildlife (but especially ducks), McDuff, and a kindly heart.

    1. Hey Barbara … thank you so much 🙂
      No, not going anywhere! This is going really good — I don’t know what the problem was last time I did it?!

      I’ve seen the movie, but don’t remember anything except the song LOL.

      Gilbert O’Sullivan is so associated with my teenage years … ‘Alone again’, and all those songs!

  6. It’s always about money! The almight Dollar is the bottom line!! However their closing Multiply down brought us here & this is a far superior site. Sometimes change is good 😉

  7. Oh that’s right. You were already here as was Maggie M. that is why I came over to here.
    I did not have alot of experience with any other blog sites.
    I do know I do not like Blogger or Blogspot for myself. WP is the right fit for me!
    I am glad I came to this site!

      1. My biggest beef with Blogger & Blogspot is the way they want total access to your equipment and definately do not play well with Mac…

        1. It’s been a long time since I tried it now. My Mac will turn 1 in September, and I don’t think I’ve used Blogger since I got it. I also remember some trouble with the comment system there, but I don’t remember how it was.

          One thing though; I do love their photo viewer! 🙂 I find it much nicer than WP, but that’s the only thing.

  8. Well I have always enjoyed all your blogs!!! I told you before, but will gladly say it again… You have a way of write your blogs in an interesting way and when you put up some awesome pictures, that is a bonus!! 🙂

    Must admit I have never heard that song with him before!! It’s great!! 😀

    1. Thank you, for your kind words 🙂

      When it comes to old memories, there’s almost nothing like music! Listening to an old song, brings one back to the exact time period, and what it felt like.

        1. Yes … there you go! 🙂 Claire was a great hit too. Yeah, the teenage angst — I thought I knew everything about life. Speaking of which, one of my favourite songs, was elected No. 1 on Canada’s top 100 all time songs: Both Sides Now 🙂

          1. Yes! We had a great English teacher back then who gave us a list of song titles to choose from for Poetry Studies. Someone else had grabbed Both Sides Now before I could, but it WAS my first choice…
            STILL love Joni Mitchell just as much today: )

    1. Blogger was the first I ever signed up for, way before Google bought them. I didn’t really know what blogging was all about. Not until Y360, I got the hang of it.

      There was a period, when I signed up for everything new I saw, so I have a WP-account from 2006 that was never really used. I thought it looked cool, but nobody else I knew was using it LOL

  9. You are a friend, and I will remember you for at lot of things. As long as I live you hold a small piece of my heart for being a friend.

  10. I often think the same thing — what’s it all about? Who will notice if I’m gone? Is there something I should be doing? And yet … maybe by just being a good person with a positive attitude might be enough. Who really knows…

    Lovely post!

  11. I admire how you can run more than one blog! I like keeping things on one site. For me it is easier. I am glad we never lost touch. We sure have shared alot over the years, haven’t we??

  12. LOl I rememeber you moving your blog…I was scared I would lose you!!
    I decided to just have The Purrfect Pad & take turns with Nylalbue doing posts.
    I know a few people here who were running 3 blogs & they burned out! The one lady combined all 3 into 1 & she is enjoying blogging again. My other friend is still werestling with 3 & I suggested she have 2 blogs: one for the 4 leggeds & her personal blog.
    It is all personal choice tho’.
    Wishing you a good long weekend. Mine is fully booked & I hope I get thru it…I am not feeling up to company but it is my ‘bestie’….I hope she will understand I am not feeling grea. We have 10 A.M. service @ Temple tomorrow…that is most important… 😉
    Love Sherri-Ellen x0x0

    1. Yes, that’s the most important.

      I could never do that cat blog thing, you guys are doing. McDuff doesn’t communicate all that much — he’s rather withdrawn. Maybe he’s introvert LOL. That’s ‘popular’ nowadays.

      Hope you’ll have a great weekend with your friend. Long weekend for you too, huh?

  13. LOl about McDuff being an ‘intorvert’. Nylablue is too in her way but she is also opinionated…
    I wanted to do a blog ‘by her’ as I never had the chance to do one for Mingflower….it has brought me closer to Nylablue & to other cats I feed or rescue.
    Oh yes it was a l-o-n-g weekend. 😉 Comapny for almost 5 days; I am exhausted. Enjoyed the first 2 1/2 days & then I kind of got ratty. I did apologize. My friend understood; she is a good soul.
    How was your long weekend as a MRS.???
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤ ❤

    1. Five days! That could be a bit …rich!
      Heh! Yeah, it was good. Here in SJ you’re never in doubt when it’s a holiday. Everything closed, and it gets kind of silent. All good 🙂

  14. Think about how kids learn to speak. (They’re learning a new language, after all.) None of them ever worry about grammar or pronunciation or anything like that! They just plunge in and are confident someone will understand them! And so it happens —
    A lesson in there for all of us, eh?
    (nudge nudge wink wink)

    1. Yes, true! And even more so; children growing up in a bilingual environment. What a gift!

      After all, I am what I am, and will always have an accent. This isn’t such a big problem…

        1. Mine too! Heck, if anything, I’ve always wished that I sounded more “interesting” and think Accents are Awesome; )

  15. I love all the older songs. I have never heard this one but like it.

    I would miss a lot of my connections but the most important ones that I have cultivated I have their emails so that is nice because I feel I can get in touch with them.

    Your English is fantastic. Even small mistakes are nothing to worry about. As you say, a lot of Americans murder the English language. I think it is worse since all the fast instant social media arrived and you have to shorten everything.

    1. Thank you! Imagine when I first came online, back in 1996 … I thought all the Americans were right [spelling, grammar…] LOL! I was new, both to the web, all the abbreviations and the English I knew was bascially what I’d learnt in school 😀

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