oh, to be that young…

Most of the time … I’d say 99% of the time … I’m happy with being the age I am. The one per cent, when I find myself wishing I was born much later, has to do with web/computer stuff. There are so many things I would have loved to learn … coding, most of all … creating WordPress themes and stuff like that. I know, I know … they tell me it’s never too late to learn, but c’mon … I’m getting close to sixty and “my future is already in the rear view mirror” 😀 I’ve settled for admiring other people’s work. Also, I’m grateful for having lived in both worlds … i.e. before the Internet, which enables me to appreciate it all! I’ve lived with razor blades for correcting typos on the typewriter!

As late as 1995 I was still sitting in a hospital,  typing on a typewriter. The smaller clinics, outside the hospital were computerized, and that caused a bit of confusion. There were doctors, who’d worked outside, who asked me questions like, «could you, please, MOVE that paragraph up there?!», when I was typing something up with two carbon copies! 🙂

Now … thinking about all this, there’s one aspect of it that outweighs every dream I might have had of becoming a theme creator: cyber bullying. That is something that sends chills up my spine, and I have enough imagination to realise the sufferings many kids must go through today! We had one example here, in our neighbouring province, Nova Scotia … a girl who was given lots of booze at a party, got raped when she was unconscious, filmed/photographed with a smartphone, and all the footage distributed around the school. She eventually killed herself. That’s just one example!

I can vividly recall what it was like, being in school at that age, when you were still a bit uncertain of your identity, trying to fit in … all the girls, the «it-girl» and all that … they could be really mean! I was lucky, but I remember the less fortunate ones, and can only imagine all the evil ways they could have come up with today, with Facebook and smartphones.

Those were the thoughts that came up in my mind, just by looking at some WordPress themes!


24 thoughts on “oh, to be that young…

  1. purpleborough

    I know that you said you were too old…you were approaching 60!
    At 67, I entered a Ph.D. program; wrote my dissertation in 2 years and graduated with honors at 69 in 2007.
    So you think you are too old?

    1. colderweather

      Heh! No, I don’t think I’m too old. I know it’s doable — most things are, when you really put your mind to it — it would just take me longer to learn, that for the ‘youngsters’. What I really meant by that was; I just don’t find it worth the energy — I could put that into something else, and have fun with whatever, little I know 🙂

      Hats off to you, though!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody

    You most definitely are particular/precise enough to be an excellent programmer – should you so desire; ) and “age” be damned!!
    What really frosted my butt about that case was the fact that there were no charges laid until the Public outcry forced the issue… Nope, wouldn’t go back to (being in) my teens now, no way! (It was bad enough (having the nerve to be) different back then):
    What a lovely Celosia in your photos at the bottom. It’s such a gorgeous colour! Funny, isn’t it, how they look like feathers, but feel so strange?

    1. colderweather

      Thank you, Deb! 🙂 Yes, I would have liked to be able to create a WordPress-theme … from scratch! No short-cuts. Before I’d even learnt the very basics of it, there would be so much new stuff out … things happen all the time … so I would be hopelessly behind. So, I’m rather happy with enjoying the new ones they put out.

      I too, found that case very unsettling. Very! So no, no way I would like to go back!

      A few weeks ago, I didn’t know it was a Celosia, but it had a little name tag! 😉 We have one red [cerise] and one yellow. They look just like feathers … they replaced some other flowers on the balcony that didn’t deal too well with Arthur.

  3. suzink

    We had a situation or I think two where people were bullied on line and killed themselves. Even if parents are connected to their kids it is still almost impossible to know what is going on in their lives all the time.

    You could still do the computer things. Since it got so much more involved I kind of lost my itch to do themes. I did have fun doing them at Multiply though. That was fun and it was a fun community.

    1. colderweather

      Yes, I’ve seen quite a few on TV, Suz… and I think it would be very difficult for parents to try and get in on their kids’ online life.

      Those were fun times, in Y360˚ and Multiply! Both the design and the community … the latter made it most fun, I guess. To learn this, would be like a whole big science of its own … but I think the ones who are into it have a bit of community too.

  4. suzink

    Oh and I was just thinking I would like to have more time even if I can’t be young again. I am really having much more fun now than when I was young.

  5. daydreamer2011

    Hear you!! There are times I sure wish I was younger… And I think it IS harder to learn things the older I get. I can learn it, but like you say it just takes a little longer time…

    I can picture you there in 1995 typing away on a typewriter! Oh do I remember those carbon copies! Sure was different times back then!

    It is so sad what is going on with them cyber bullies… 😦 It’s going on all over the world. And one wonder what we can do to stop it!

    1. colderweather

      Yeah, I wish I had an answer … there’s just such a meanness in this world … This whole ‘online thing’ has just made it easier for the evil people to spread their venom.

  6. Crooked Tracks

    I am glad that I grew up without computers. It has been interesting to see the changes as they happen. I find it hard to understand the online bully stuff.

    Greetings from Minnesota 🙂

  7. David Bennett

    That’s sad about Rehtaeh Parsons, and about anyone who is so destroyed by the violence that is imposed on them.

    May her soul and the souls of all those people who are oppressed, rest in peace.

    About WordPress –
    I have been thinking again about building a theme from scratch – well ‘almost scratch’ – using the _s developer theme developed by the people at Automattic, as a starting point. I started this project once before and abandoned it because too many other things jumped in to demand their fair share of available time.

    Maybe this time those other things will have to stand in line.

    I have got as far as bookmarking the resources and documenting my progress (what progress??) and if all goes to plan (haha) I’ll have some content for the theme 🙂

    Have you looked at _s ?

    1. colderweather

      At the very moment this comment came in, I was looking at the more part of flying twigs. I like that, is that pure Genesis?

      I have seen _s some time, but have to look at it again. Could be something for long, winter nights. I want it to look clean and classy, I still like Linen.

      1. David Bennett

        It’s not the pure Genesis framework, it’s the Modern Portfolio Pro theme. It doesn’t look like the demo version on StudioPress because I haven’t set up the homepage widgets. I am just setting up those tweaks on a photography site at https://www.photographworks.co.uk – it’s still a work in progress but the bare bones are there.

        1. colderweather

          That is beautiful! I like it!

          I also like how the URL to more twigs is set up. That way, one can have several ‘sites’, within the same domain.

          1. David Bennett

            Glad you like it 🙂 I’d love any thoughts you have about the set up.

            I used to steer clear of subdomains, thinking they were bad for SEO. There’s a video form Matt Cutts of Google about the advantages/disadvantages of subdomains versus sub-directories.

            In the case of Flying Twigs, the main site is built in ExpressionEngine and it was neater to set up WordPress on a sub-directory.

            1. colderweather

              Interesting … it doesn’t really seem to matter. I’m thinking about setting one up in my real name, later this month … still a little undecided about that part though.

              1. David Bennett

                Yes, that’s what I took from it – subdomains are OK with Google as long as there are just one or two or the site is big and has lots of different divisions that justify lots of subdomains.

  8. Nylabluesmum

    Whatever age we are is just a number; if you want to do soemthing than GO FOR IT!! You have your health & your mind intact so take a chance & have fun!! As we are the same age I can relate to the old typewriters & learning MS-DOS & those HUGE word processors….how quickly technology has moved forward. I love that we are from the 50’s; we got to see the past & be in the present & now the future…
    As for the Internet; like anything it can be used for postive or negative. I was bullied way back when; I fought back! I never stopped fighting back. I did not care what the “IN” girls said or thought; I marched to my own drummer. In fact being me was my way to show those girls & the boys I did not need their approval. Maybe it was a different time or because I am a Post Holocaust child I was able to stand my ground. No one puts S-E in a corner…not unless they want a fight on their hands…verbal or otherwise!
    I read about that dear girl & it really angered me their was nothing that could be done to help her rebuild her self esteem & she felt the only way out was suicide. So unfair; so wrong…..
    Her blood is on the rapist(s) & bulliers hands always.
    Sherri-Ellen x0x0

  9. Nylabluesmum

    Rebby we should live our lives never saying “If Only….”
    You have health & ability on your siede; go for the stars my friend!
    Love Sherri-Ellen x0

  10. Touch2Touch

    Such riches you have looking back over 60 years! When you turn around and look forward, though, there are at least 20 good years ahead of you,, waiting to be lived and filled with new things! By a person now seasoned, experienced, mellowed, and — not least —- ready to have a really good time whatever, whenever, wherever!
    Onward, Rebekah!


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