photos of saint john

We have Gerry’s son visiting here, from Quebec. The other day, we were in the uptown area, walking from one of the shopping centres, Market Square, up to the old City Market. This involved walking across St. Patrick Street in a, what they call, pedway, which is glassed in.

I decided to take a shot with my iPhone through the glass, while we were on the pedway.

IMG_0375Didn’t come out all that bad, the day was overcast, but this is the strangest thing and the second time it’s happened to me; There’s no traffic and no people in the picture. This is purely coincidental, as this is a really busy intersection.

Here’s another one, from 2010, that I took of a likewise, busy, intersection … not a car in sight, and I didn’t notice until I got back home and brought it up on the screen.

union55When I look at it now, I realise this photo would probably be suitable for a little HDR treatment, but I’m not too keen on that and besides, I don’t have the software.



21 thoughts on “photos of saint john

  1. I love getting clouds in a glassy building. It is strange to catch a place without movement. Makes it look kind of abandoned. I like that look. The glass on the pedway must really be clean!

  2. Kinda spooky, isn’t it? Oh, wait! There are two (girls?) in the lower right-hand corner; just tucked in under the canopy of the tree… Phew! (That’s better; )

  3. HDR? Why? I LIKE the photo – what are you seeing (or not; )? Love the way it’s nestled into the slope and curves into the landscape too. (Kudos to the architect: )

  4. How odd (in a good way) that you got 2 pix without cars of people in them….
    wonder if you can make it a three-peat at some point Rebby??
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue
    P.S.: We are having some funky PC trouble so if we disappear for days you will know ‘Princess’ is at the PC Doc!!! 😉

  5. Funny how these coincidences happen isn’t it Rebby???
    As for the PC I am not sure what happened. I think it was a glitch. I was able to do a System Restore & I did some special scans & then Windows update. Things working now. Alot of people in my building had PC probs too. Maybe it was a server or Internet thing? I know my touch pad is kind of whacked out so I am hoping whatever “it” was was a one off…However if I disappear for days you’ll know something happened….
    Love Sherri-Ellen (living on the edge of the Laptop)

  6. These photos could be entitled “Where have all the people gone?” Weird to see no people and no traffic, it looks abandoned. I love to see clouds reflected in glass, it gives that building a whole new look, and constantly changing with the movement of the clouds. Lovely.
    Your photos of Saint John make me want to visit there one day; no wonder you love it so much.

    1. Thank you, Barbara! Yes, and this was during lunch hour!!! Pure coincidence …
      That other building is great for clouds in glass, I often look at it when we go by there.

      It is a real gem … a little rough around the edges, but that only adds to it 🙂

  7. Oh great photos and yeah what a coincidence!! I have taken many photos where I have wanted to scream to people to get out of the way LOL I have no such luck te he

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