Hadn't seen these guys in a while...
Hadn’t seen these guys in a while…

Yesterday, they [WordPress] released two, new themes … two free themes, actually. Not too many of my readers are interested in this stuff, but I know few are.

When there are new releases, I always try them out, if for nothing else, to see what they’ve come up with. It’s almost like fashion … there are trends! For example, to put the menu/navigation underneath one of those «hamburger» icons. Personally, I’m not a big fan of that — I still like to keep the menu visible, and preferably under the header photo if I have one. That’s not a must, though.

Now, I tried out both of yesterday’s releases; Adaption and Isola. Took a certain liking to the Adaption theme, even applied it. Then the same old issue arose: ‘Featured images’. I tried to bring this to their attention about a year ago, but nothing has happened.

Blog themes handle ‘featured image’ differently, and that’s perfectly alright. What’s not alright is that there’s no [easy] way of going back in your posts and change your settings. What I want is the ability to go into my image library and filter ‘featured’. I don’t know how difficult that could be to imply, and maybe it’s just me who has a hang-up again. Not too many people would scroll back in my blog and see those ‘double’ photos, but still … it is my blog and I want to feel proud of it, even though I like to change theme every now and then.

So, for the moment, I’m back with My Life theme … even the title of it works for me 🙂

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  1. Haha, I asked the same question about being able to batch process featured images to apply to a theme. And I got the answer that it wasn’t possible.

    And like you, I don’t go for hamburger menus

    I liked Adaption except for the bottom right corner of the red section on the left. It is meant to be continued in the sections below, but to me that corner of the red rectangle looks like it is hanging in space, like a cantilevered building.

    It looks OK when you go to the theme page at because the image stretches below the red section, but compare that with the demo view where the image doesn’t stretch that far down.

    What do you think?

    By the way, I have a test site with a couple of posts and pages. I put some h1, h2, h3, etc. headings and some text in italics and bold, and some block quoted text and images with and without captions.

    I must put a gallery in there too, because the original version of Big Brother had a bug and couldn’t render galleries.

    1. “Not possible?!” Bah … of course it is, if they’d take time out to implement it.
      I, too, have a test page, and that bottom, red part, looks as it’s on the loose … unattached.

      Think I’ll stick with «My Life» theme for as long as I have the paid upgrade 🙂 Otherwise I couldn’t [ugly colours].

      Just tested a gallery in the other blog, with Adaption. Worked alright, I guess. I love how Blogger displays photos! That’s the one thing they have over WP.

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about, Rebekah. And that is why I refuse to use certain themes. They are garbage. I would have to go through every single post and add a ‘featured’ post image. How stupid. I use the Elemin Theme, a purchased theme.

    Sadly, I believe 99% of the free WP themes are pure crap for various reasons. And the Purchase themes they offer are in too many instances, crap as well. Seriously.

    They have 300+ themes. Look at how hideous most of them are. WP is the best CMS system on the Web in my view, yet they offer so much pure rubbish in both the free and purchased theme departments. Mat Mullenwig needs to rethink the themes in a big way.

    1. It’s really difficult to find one that meets all your wishes! On their theme page, they have a feature where you can filter what you want, but not all … not ‘post formats’, for example.

      Like I said here above, My Life-theme pretty much has it all, for me, as long as I have the ‘customize’ 🙂

  3. Oh cool that they get some more free themes! But yeah… I usually get back to the one I had first lol

  4. Like you, I always try the new themes as they are released, but so far, nothing has made me jump with glee!
    I like the one I’m using (Luminescence), a free theme but some of my readers have been having trouble with leaving comments, so I might have to splash out and buy one. Trouble is, finding one that suits.

    1. Hey Barbara 🙂
      In the self-hosted world it’s even worse! It’s a jungle! What really pees me off, royally, there, is when you apply a [supposedly] free theme, and it turns out you have to PAY for this and that feature.

      There is this site; where they at least have reasonable pricing. Then there are others — and that I don’t really understand — but they have something called ‘framework’, and you have to buy that first and then some child theme.

      Usually, you can get your money back within 30 days, at least.

      I guess, what I really want to say is that there, the quality is really …. ‘varied’ …

  5. Oh geez, hate to be the bearer of bad news again (just shoot me!): but when you mentioned the bit about not even having looked, I realised that I hadn’t looked (at the full page) either… Well, y’know how it was doing that 1/2 page thing the other day and you fixed it? I did go have a look and it’s doing that same weird “only half a page thing” again. Sorry Rebby!
    (But I DO love your very subtle blue-grey honeycomb in the background, btw; )

    1. It appears, when you’re going back and forth between themes and can’t make up your mind — for each time you change, you have to go in an enable the mobile thing.

      Almost all the themes are supposedly ‘responsive’, meaning they’d work just as well on any device, but obviously that’s not the case.

  6. 😉 I have no clue about the 2 themes…you know I am impossible with techie stuff…
    I DO know I love the bird photo 😉
    Love Sherri-Ellen & nylablue x0x0x0

  7. Now that makes sense Rebby, lol…I really am techno challenged….
    You know I adore your photography! Always have; always will 😉
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue x0x0

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