on this day, one year ago

DSC_0261.NEFLast year, on this date, my ex-SIL and I were sitting out on her balcony, playing word games on our iPhones and smoking. It was a beautiful summer evening. All of a sudden, one of those breaking-news-things popped up on my phone from CNN. I don’t think I would have looked all that closely on it, had I not recognized the name of the town: Lac-Megantic! I’ve never been there, but after all, I did live in Quebec for five years, so I got familiarized with many place names. Also, there were all those pictures of the town in flames! I can never look at those railway cars the same way again after that, and besides … they who blew up in Lac-Megantic were headed for Saint John.

DSC_0262.NEFHere, we have them in the city centre, and thinking of that 48 people lost their lives there, I shudder to think of what would happen here.Β 
There are several hundreds of them, lined up at all times. A sad anniversary for sure!

Today, we had the questionable ‘pleasure’ of making Arthur’s acquaintance! He was a cat2 hurricane, but got downgraded to a tropical storm when he reached our chilly, Canadian waters. Nevertheless, he packed a powerful punch and the city has taken a great deal of damage in the way of fallen trees, power lines down everywhere, flooding in the usual areas. I saw a picture of a guy in a kayak on the parking lot outside Walmart. I’ve seen lots of photos on Facebook, of the damage, but haven’t been out myself, taking any.

loyalist_burialIt saddens me to see big old trees fallen. Uptown, in King’s Square, and the adjacent Loyalist burial grounds, there are at least three that have fallen.

It’s past midnight now, the raining has ceased and the winds have subsided so I’ll go to bed and sleep like a log. Up here, on the 9th floor, those winds make a terrible noise in the ventilation ducts and it sometimes sounds more scary than it really is.

G’Night, bloggeroos!




33 thoughts on “on this day, one year ago

  1. You know, I was wondering if the storm would affect Atlantic Canada. I am sorry the storm messed up Saint John. The generally don’t get that far north do they. Was hoping the storm would veer east to the open Atlantic. GOD BLESS CANADA!

    1. Usually, we just get the tail end of them, but this was worst … not The worst, but bad enough. The clean-up will cost a lot, but nobody was hurt, and I kept thinking of Katrina. We can count our blessings…

  2. I didn’t realize hurricanes ever made it up your way Rebekah, thought you were too far north. It must have been tempting wondering about venturing out to get some photos of the wild weather, but you were probably wise to stay safe at home!

    1. Oh, they do, but usually we just get the tail end of them, since the waters are so much colder up here — they lose strength, most of the time. Many people venture out, to the beaches, to look at the surf. There have been accidents … it’s not worth it.

  3. I’m sorry to hear about the damage. I also didn’t realize they made it up that far. Those storms are usually more of a pain in the aftermath than during. They’re also a huge part of the reason I moved west. I’ve been through several (including Katrina, before she exploded and hit NOLA she went across Miami) and it’s always a sad ordeal. It’s amazing what a little wind can do! Glad all is well!

    1. Yes, obviously they do … various strengths, though. I thought so much about NOLA yesterday… Here, it’s merely an inconvenience, most of the times.

  4. Glad to hear you are OK.

    About the derailment – it’s one of those things where everything is OK until it isn’t…

    Do they still route cars full of crude oil along the same track, I wonder?

    Tell more about the Loyalist burial grounds. I tried to search for earlier posts, but I can’t see a search box on your site?

    1. They still do, and in the same type of cars, which are deemed unsafe, and they know it [DOT111].

      The search box must have sprouted legs when I rearranged things here — it will be back, but I’ve never written about the Loyalists. It’s an [important?] part of Saint John history.

      1. About the Loyalists: I look forward to the history and the photographs πŸ™‚

        About the rail transport – then they must be criminally liable for continuing a practise that is deemed unsafe, surely?

        1. Yes, but they’re not sure who to prosecute. They are replacing them, but it takes time, and I don’t think they will be all replaced until after three years. There have been more accidents where they were involved, but none this devastating as Lac-Megantic [http://goo.gl/UGHQRP]

  5. Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a year since Lac Megantic… Sorry to hear about the damage, but glad you guys are okay!

    1. Now it’s all over, and this morning everything looks so fresh and clean outside! Like it never happened! On the weather, they tell us all the time about those wind speeds, but I forget. I do remember 100 milli metres of rain, though.

    1. Yes, I heard that too, and I wonder if that has any significance for this season in general. I always have the impression that once they leave Cape Hatteras, it goes very quickly … doesn’t take long before they’re here.

  6. I mean to remember you wrote about these burning railway cars last year?
    A tropical storm in Canada? surprised to say it mildly. It sounds like a hard one, hope things will be sorted soon, but nature is sometimes awfully scary.

    1. I’m pretty sure I did.

      Yeah, it sounds funny, huh … the ‘tropical’ part of it. Normally, we don’t get them this bad — only the tail end of the hurricanes, which can be bad enough.

      It’s all over, sun is shining today like nothing ever happened πŸ™‚ People from the hydro company have a lot to do today, with all these people lacking power, many people have fallen trees on their properties…

  7. Glad you are safe and dry. Always so sad to see trees downed. It was my first worry when we had a storm in NS. It has been pouring rain here for a few hours now but very little wind so that’s good.

  8. Oh, I am so sorry when those old magnificent trees are blown down. The lives they have watched being lived under their branches all gone with them.
    Glad you all were safe and the weather is good today

  9. Wow a year already! I do remember when you told about that news!

    So sad about them trees…. But I am really glad to hear that nobody got hurt! And I can imagine how that noise must sound like! :O Do not think I could get any sleep hearing that…

  10. A sad day indeed when the train accident happened!
    As for T.S. Arthur he sure was ferocious. Can you imagine how powerful he was as a Hurricane??? shudders
    WE have had some weird weather here but nothing like yours…
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xx

  11. I heard about Arthur’s special status on the Weather Channel….at least he will be remembered for something besides all the downed wires & flooding & uprooted trees…
    Is the power back on in St. John yet?
    Sherri-Ellen x0

  12. I a glad for St John people but feel badly for the others…hopefully soon! I can not imagine being off the grid for more than 24 hours….
    Speaking of that I am having weird PC problems so if I go missing for more than 3 days you will know PC is 2 the PC Docs for repairs…this is driving me crazy (& I do NOT have far to go…lol…)
    Not sure what is going on; could be a virus or could be PC just wearing out as Princess is at least 4 yrs old…
    Hopefully last nite was a fluke…we can hope…. πŸ˜‰
    Love Sherri-Ellen x0x0

  13. Checked the receipt & ‘Princess’ is 5 yrs old next month….she has done a great job for me. I spoke with a handful of people in the building & everyone had Internet trouble yesterday/last nite..so hoping it was just a glitch.
    I am running a Compaq Presario laptop.
    The message said Monitor is disconnected…monitor is the screen so not sure what happened? I just hope it does not happen again as I have so many comments to reply to & so many blogs to visit….
    It is a mystery Rebby!
    Love Sherri-Ellen x0

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