Raccoon Hollow

raccoonThose of you who have followed this blog for some time, might remember that I have a real thing for raccoons. We don’t have them in Sweden, so my first encounter was in Quebec. He looked in through the patio door … our eyes met … and it was Love!

Living in apartment here, of course I miss the backyard wildlife and the raccoons in particular. I know, I know … they’re considered pest, but that’s another story.

Two times now, in as many weeks, a fellow amateur photographer, has posted beautiful raccoon photos in FB, from Rockwood Park, where we go most every day! The thing is, we always go there in the daytime, and he’d been there around 6 o’clock in the evening. He had shot one, that was so funny, where the ring-tail was sticking out of a garbage can!

So, the other day, I pulled myself together, and went out to the park after supper. After waiting, patiently, for about half an hour, I finally saw the raccoon. However, I don’t know if that evening was special, because there were so many people there … people with dogs and children! The raccoon was rather shy, and didn’t come out in the open. I went in to the wood, and he immediately climbed up a tree and sat there, looking at me.

There were oodles of branches and twigs, but I at least got one, half-decent picture of him. This is a place that must be very attractive to raccoons, as people put out all kinds of food items around the bird/squirrel feeders. Apples, lettuce, crackers … you name it! So I will keep going there, in the evenings, when the friendly little bandits are out 🙂



The reason I entitled this post «Raccoon Hollow»; We wanted to buy a computer from Dell, many years ago, with Windows98 on it, and not Vista! In order to do so, you had to state that you had a business, otherwise you automatically got a computer with Vista! So we lied, made up a name for our small business … and Raccoon Hollow was born LOL.

37 Replies to “Raccoon Hollow”

  1. Cute shot. I know a gal raised one from a baby. The only way it would eat was to crawl up her back and on to her shoulder. Well it got to about 40 lbs because it didn’t have to scavenge and she could hardly hold it. It was vicious to anyone else.

  2. Haha, I like the reason for the name Raccoon Hollow!
    I know they can be troublesome little critters, but you can’t help liking them anyway, they look so cute with those ‘bandit’ eyes! That’s a really good shot Rebekah, you should be proud of yourself.

  3. I’ve never seen one, I had no idea whether were in Europe but apparently there are due to escapes/introductions. But they haven’t made it to Spain or Gib yet.

    It does look very sweet, a bit like a koala bear. I like the business name too 🙂

    1. We still get letters from DELL, addressed to Raccoon Hollow *LOL*.

      They’ve spread quite a bit in Germany, they have lots of problems with them there, and in Japan too. Watched a TV-program about them, recently … how well they adapt to urban environment.

  4. of course you would choose that name for a business! One of my favourite memories was watching a gentleman, a few years ago at Montmorency Falls, hand-feeding baby raccoons!

    1. Yes, it was very fitting, because at the time, we lived in, sort of, a hollow. Ravine Road was the address.

      Montmorency Falls is an impressive place. The first time I visited there, was in January 2004, and I think it was the coldest day of that year!!! Brrr…

      The raccoon babies are so cute so there are no words 🙂

  5. Hope you have a nice midsummer even if you dont have Everything you need, like herring, Salmon, and a midsommarstång (dont know any Word for that. A big hug and see you soon

    1. Thank you! There’s nothing special going on here on this day, but I DO have a bottle of pickled herring. It tastes really good … I had it yesterday with boiled eggs ‘n stuff.

      Maypole would be Midsommarstång 😀

  6. I know I’ve had this discussion elsewhere before, so – if I’m repeating myself – apologies in advance…
    Yes, raccoons are cute and so are a lot of animals; but that doesn’t make them cuddly (far from it!) Raccoons can be VERY nasty and carry rabies; as a matter of fact, the strain here is called Racoon Rabies):
    Unfortunately, when (some)people leave food out, animals expect to be fed by (all)people. This can, and does, cause all sorts of trouble for those of us that DON’T expect to be a source of food for wild animals – and yes, there is the possibility of a rather nasty double entendre here – particularly if the animal in question is big enough to TAKE what it wants. As sad as it may seem to us, they’re supposed to take care of themselves: an over-abundance of food means over-population (more animals competing for too little space resulting in a sickly population overall): So please don’t feed the animals; we do not know what’s best for them.
    If you truly want to help your ecosystem, plant some flowering/fruiting bushes and trees, plants or vines – even the pots of a small balcony garden can help a lot – to make more (high-quality: ) food available for insects, birds, small mammals and so on, up the line…

    1. Well, thank you Deb, for that comment. I’m perfectly aware of all this, and would never go near a raccoon, let alone try to cuddle it! One with rabies was found in St. Stephen, the other day.

      However … I cannot police the park. I see people standing right beside the big, huge sign, about NOT feeding the ducks, for example, emptying bags with white bread.

      1. Yes Bekah, I remember you and I having had this conversation before. It wasn’t directed at you, but to those who are unaware of the repercussions of their actions and I’m sorry for any confusion I’ve caused. (It’s just so frustrating to hear animals being blamed for behaviour that’s initiated by other people’s ignorance).

        1. No worries … have you seen that show on CBC called Raccoon Nation?! It’s very interesting, a lot about Toronto. The more elaborate protection of garbage cans we invent, the smarter they seem to get! 🙂 If you ever see it go by, on TV, please watch … it’s being re-aired often.

            1. Great stuff, and I checked out their link in that post — took me straight to Raccoon Nation, but I’m on the real computer now so … Hope you get to watch it — it’s very interesting 🙂 Just like that crow show they had..

              1. LOVED that episode! The Nature of Things is definitely one of my all-time favourite shows: )
                Can’t wait to get on and have a look!

  7. Really great shot. Such a cute fellow….I haven’t seen one in a long time. I guess we have driven them all away from peoplized (made up a new word) areas
    Once when I was at my son’s house in CA, they would come up to his sliding glass door and look in at the cats and the cats would look back. Their house backs up to a redwood forest. I have one of those photos, if I can find it.

    1. Toronto is called the raccoon capital … they’re really moving in there, and seem to get smarter all the time.

      I have one too, from QC, when the raccoon is looking in through the patio door, and McDuff is looking at him. It looks like they’re doing ‘high-five’ on the glass LOL

  8. You already KNOW that I love that photo!! 😀 He sure is cute!!

    I am sure you’ll get more pictures of him!!!

    Great name for a business!! Fun story too! lol

    Ps. I cheated with the maypole! It was just a tiny one that I bought in the store LOL!

    1. Thanks … We’re going to make a point of going there after suppertime. The other guy has posted more, awesome photos of him, so he does get out in the open…

      I figured [about the maypole] 😀

  9. LOL Rebby “Raccoon Hollow”; a means to an end!!! HAHAHA!!!
    I think that young raccoon is gorgeous…so inquisitive looking.
    Here they are shunned & chased away. We are not allowed to feed them. Last year there was a rabid raccoon running about in broad daylight & he had to be *put down*. It was very sad. We had alot of rabid raccoons here last year; so far none this year….it is a bloody awful way to die….
    I used to love feeding the raccoon family up on the West Hill where we used to live. Grandpa, Mum, Dad & 6 kits…they were so adorable….loved milk & cat kibble…which was meant for Mingflower’s boyfriend Monty….I had to let Monty come in so his food was not ‘vandalized’, lol…
    Love Sherri-Ellen

    1. Yes, a raccoon with rabies was found in St. Stephen the other day — that’s only an hour’s drive from here. It’s an extremely scary disease!

      In QC, we lived so that I could feed them without anybody else getting annoyed … we had no neighbours. That was so cool, as they were new to me, and we’d placed the feeding place so I could watch them through the patio door. Mother Raccoon looked so proud, when she showed up with the little ones each year 🙂

  10. That is how it was at my place on West Hill here. The landlady & i would put food out for the raccoons. Each year mum would show up with her kits & they were so adorable. They were so unafraid. There were alot of cats roaming aobut but they always gave the raccoons a fairly wide berth.
    The skunk got an even WIDER berth as you can imagine!!!! Bumped into Pierre on many an occasion but he did not spray me….
    I was chased by a rabid skunk tho the Summer before I moved into this apartment. It was utterly terrifying because well it was rabid…I could not actually run due to my mobility issues so I kind of race walked away & it followed me….I ended up back at Jon’s place & he had to walk me home the long way around. Next day the MNR were notified & they caught the poor skunk who had to be put to sleep.
    Aside from Rabies the critters are lovely!!!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (who thinks she is a pigeon today)

  11. Skunks are actually very cute…they have lovely fur & pretty faces but that back end of theirs is enough to peel paint!!
    Did you know that a 2 striped skunk’s spray is stronger than a 1 striped skunk’s is?? Just trust me on this; do not try it at home or out of doors…lol…
    Then ther are porcupines….lol…
    Sherri-Ellen x0x0

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