was it something I said?

This blog of mine has been around for a few years now. It’s made quite a few moves, but oddly enough, I’ve managed to keep my blogging buddies. For that, I’m very thankful. When you blog like this, you get to know your fellow bloggers a little bit, as you well know.

This is a difficult subject and I’m not even a hundred per cent certain it’s even an issue. However, I have very sensitive antennae, and usually they work really well.

If someone stops “following” you … that’s no big deal, I’ve “unfollowed” myself, at times, when I’ve come to a realisation that we have absolutely nothing in common … nothing to say to each other. That’s alright — we’re all different, huh?! But when someone you’ve had a closer contact with, ceases to visit/comment, even though the person’s still around the blogging circles … that’s something else. I always loved her input, and now I miss it. We even had a contact outside the blogosphere, at times … email, texting … it felt like we really connected, and that’s rare with me and other women.

I wish I was wrong about this. Been through all comments and other correspondence, trying to determine what it could be. In my case, as a non-native English-speaker, it could always be the language barrier … that I’ve said something “stupid” without even realising it, but I can’t find that either.

The most logical, would, of course be, to ask her outright, but I’m holding off for a while, still clinging to hope that I’m wrong about all this — overly sensitive. IF it turns out it was nothing and she comes back, I’ll never mention this again.

DSC_1602Apart from that, it’s business as usual. We «jumped» Spring here, and it dove straight into Summer. The first batch of ducklings is out — I saw them the day before yesterday. Apparently, that’s exactly the same time as last year — just got one of those emails, reminding me of what I shot this day one year ago; that was ducklings and marmots.  This proud, Mother Duck, has eight little balls of down. At least, she had, the day before yesterday — they often tend to diminish! At night, there’s another crew out and about — a crew that would find duckling delicious!

Happy June, bloggeroos! Today, we’ll have some fun in the sun, I suppose.

63 Replies to “was it something I said?”

      1. Ah, I see.

        Maybe she reorganised the way she follows blogs and decided to stop following via the Reader? It could be just that, could it?

        Maybe she did a mass cull, deleting pages of ‘follows’ in one swoop – and yours got caught in the net.

  1. WordPress has become a wilderness for me. I rarely get notifications anymore. I have checked who I follow to make sure they are “turned on”…but sometimes there have been silly little things I did not do. I don’t like to write anymore because I cannot find the old format and I hate the Reader and the little space that says “text, photo, video, etc”….the old tagging system is not there unless one can get back to the old format.

    Therefore, I may be the culprit because it became to hard. However, I recently remember saying to you that I had not seen any of your blogs and you said you had not written much. Now I’m paranoid!

    Maybe there is a culprit like me!

    Think of you as I watch my squirrels play in the backyard.

    Good photo as well…any less would not be you!

    1. No, Linda! It wasn’t you!!! 😀 She’s subscribed by email.

      But I don’t know what new format you have?! Here it’s just the same old …

      No, the blogging seems to go in cycles, but I couldn’t get away from it entirely..

  2. Dont you think she would be decent enough to send you a message and tell if she doesnt want to follow any more? – BTW I havent been here very much for some time ( Kabbalah studies- and yaihhhh they start a Swedish group tonight), so I felt a little guilty about what you write here lol. I am super sensitive myself, so I think that I understand you quite well.
    The picture is wonderful- and we have had the most wonderful spring in my lifetime, warm with lots of sun.

    1. Yes, one would think so … let’s just hope I’m all wrong. Interesting with the Kabbalah studies. I started to read up on it, but there’s so much more.

      And yes, I sort of knew you’d understand 🙂

  3. Hey there! Been missing your posts (must be all of the practicing you’ve been doing with that lovely new camera, right?; ) SO glad to see you post again: )
    And yup, we’ve launched directly into Summer weather here as well (Spring seems to have been more of fleeting “blink and you’ll miss it” thing for the past 6(?) years or so): but this winter was really long and hard on SO many things compared to the mild ones we had been getting lately… Signs and symptoms of things yet to come? *sigh*
    Anyway, loving your photo of the attentive (en garde) Momma and her fuzzy babies: )

    1. Hi Deb! 🙂 good to see you, as always! Like I said in another comment here; blogging for me, seems to go in cycles. And yes, the new camera has played a part too. Winter was rough, by Saint John-measures … and long too. I was getting fed up in the end, with no colours! Just greyish-brown, but now we have the juicy green that makes one wish one was a cow LOL. Even the dandelions look unusually spry this year … those little smiley faces in the grass!

      Will go and look for ducklings now … the goslings [Canada] were out about the same time, but I haven’t seen them.

      1. Might just be me, but it seems that perhaps Momma Goose is more cautious with her wee ones(?)

        1. Yeah, perhaps she is … and these ones were quite the handful! They were all over the place, and fast as lightning! Where’s the father when you need him?! LOL

            1. Now we’ll get out, and try and spot them again. Yesterday, there was this soapbox race in the park, so it was almost impossible to get there! Everyone and his dog was there LOL

  4. I used to get emails from the blogs I followed, but my “unread blogs” folder quickly filled up and turned into chaos… Maybe, like David says, your friend has got a new system and that she just forgot about your blog? Who knows.

    Summer has come here too and my balcony garden is getting better and better every day! 😀

    1. Yes, I had it set to email too, but I couldn’t deal with it! Now I use the reader. Could very well be that…

      Our balcony garden is getting quite lovely too — hubby is the gardener here!

  5. I have unfollowed too. It’s not a crime or a sin. As you say, in time you find that the person has nothing in common. Friends have come and gone in my life. Both in real life and online. That’s life eh? Go forth and smile.

  6. I’ve lots loads of on-line people. Not usually through blogs. An email friend that did upset me, but hey, you get over it. One who was FB, email, and dog blog. And yet, it’s nice to reconnect with people you haven’t met for a while because that happens too. I know how it feels Reb, but the blunt truth is, there are lots of other lovely people to meet every day. It’s sad, but … the longer without hearing from someone, the easier it becomes. You have lots of friends on here 🙂

    1. That’s so true … all of the above and I appreciate that. The thing was merely that I was curious about what I might have done/said or not said — it was so … abrupt! 🙂

      1. Ah, I usually know what I have sd will upset/annoy people so it comes as no surprise.

        The ones that did surprise me were the ones who de friended me from Facebook following a political discussion. Not, I add, an argument, but a discussion. Other people said they thought it had been an interesting and enlightening discussion. I was surprised because there had been a lot of blog interaction, both on personal blogs and dog blogs, and, not a lot, but a few emails.

        Luckily it was the kick I needed to stop wasting time on FB so a good thing came out of it!

        1. People can never keep the peace. The only reason I’m still on FB, is my little hometown group, which I’m a moderator of. It’s not so little anymore, getting close to four thousand people. Even in that type of group — it’s about old memories, how the city USED to be — they start to argue about something, and it turns into veritable fall outs.

          1. *sigh* There’s just SO much “left out” of communicating online, eh?
            You can’t see the person’s face, or hear their voice for nuance. And, far too often, an unintended word or phrase (or autocorrect): gives terrible results. Call me olde-fashioned, but gimme the good old telephone for Long Distance communication, any day!

            1. Oh Deb, isn’t that SO true!!! When I first got Internet/came online … and this was 1996; I thought it looked childish or even ridiculous with all those signs they used for ‘smile’ ‘laugh out loud’ and all that stuff. I quickly realised their importance, though.

              AND, as frosting on the cake; still, after ten years living here, I could have a word totally wrong! Every now and then I discover English words, that I’ve totally misunderstood the meaning of!!! LOL

              The autocorrect is really something! Sometimes it gets hilarious, but most of the time just bizarre … I’ve become better with it, but every now and then a word sneaks through.

  7. First of all, I love that photo!! 😀

    And secondly… I so know how it is to go through something like that as I have been through something similar! In my case it was a friend I had over at yahoo. We chatted all the time and suddenly she stoped answering my messages, just out of the blue.

    Now this is some years ago when they still had chat rooms at yahoo. And I saw her in chat rooms too but she never spoke to me again. I asked a common friend of mine if he knew what happened? If I had said or done anything? But he didn’t know either…

    I had preferred that she had told me openly what happened? It really made me feel bad for a long time, and I went over and over in my mind thinking if I had said/done something wrong and I couldn’t think of anything! I still haven’t found out why she decided to unfriend me out ot the blue… but I have let it go now!

    I do hope you find out what is going on with your friend!! Hopefully it is just some kind of mistake!!

    1. Yes. I would never have written this post at all, had we not been a little connected outside the blogging. I was interested in what might be the cause. But … it’s all behind me now 😀 it must have been a mistake on my part..

  8. As daydreamer said, it’s probably some kind of mistake, and hopefully (as she is still subscribed by email), she will see this post and realize. Hope it’s not me!

  9. Happy June!!!

    Don’t feel bad. It could just be a fluke.
    I know sometimes I get so overwhelmed by blogs I am following that I just clean out a mass of them without too much thought. There are ones I got both by email and following in a reader and I unfollowed one way to simplify. I’m so disorganized I also found I followed a blog twice somehow — different word press acct, different email? and then unfollowed when I tried to get organized. (tried because it’s mostly a lost cause).

    Yikes. I think I unfollowed you or lost your blog once and it took a while to recover it.

    But I’m glad I did!


    1. Hi Lori! 🙂
      Yes, I think it was just that! I like to think of myself as well organized, but in reality, I’m not! That ‘reader’ is so messed up, I have a lot of WordPress own blogs there too, and sometimes I just miss a lot of them. I just may have over-reacted here.

      I’m very glad you did too 🙂

  10. Spring…that is a Swedish word, right? I’ve heard of that. It is that transitional week between early April and late June, I believe?

    I can’t speak for your vanished follower but for some reason the blogosphere has been seeming to overwhelm me recently. Something in the air? I am in desperation catch up mode myself…

    1. Yes, it’s a Swedish word and it means «run» [verb] 😀 The season is «vår», and that’s your Swedish lesson for today LOL…

      In this case, it seems I was wrong and that’s a good thing. When I log on and see the number of posts in the reader, I get totally overwhelmed these days. I don’t know but it’s happened before and I’ll bounce back..

  11. Hi Reb! I was so pleased to see you blogged today! I have been away from Twitter for a long long time, and I just removed about 200 people I was following so I could get to the nitty gritty of the things I like – like your blog! I almost feel like you’re talking about ME! : ))) I know I signed up for email alerts to one or more of your blogs, but I don’t see them anymore. I had to find it on Twitter.

    So sorry you skipped Spring. You’re going to have to find a swimming pool soon. Oh hey, I had an o’possum on my back porch for a few days. I thought about you! This afternoon I went to look and he was gone. I was kind of afraid to move the dog crate where I thought he was, but he must have moved on last night.

    1. Oh HI Kerri … so nice to see you! No, not you … at all! 🙂 I would have removed this post if I hadn’t gotten so many nice comments. It was a misunderstanding methinks..

      When it comes to Twitter, I’m a lost cause. I only go in there to look for news. You never feel like going back to blogging?! Remember Incessant Gibberish ?! LOL I liked that!
      Opossum are cute! I’ve never seen one in real life..

      1. Hmm… well, now you’ve got me thinking. lol

        I loved Incessant Gibberish! Wish I still had that one. lol Next time I see a ‘possum, I’ll wrap him up and send him to Canada. 😀

        1. LOL yeah, wouldn’t that be cool … like the beavers in Argentina — they’ve done a good job there! Raccoons in Japan, they’re multiplying like mad! 😀

          1. Sorry you two, I’m not sure how much farther south we are here than you are there in New Brunswick, but there have been opossum here in southern Ontario for a few years now…

  12. here’s the thing, ever since I set to Reader instead of email there is a whole bunch of blogs i follow that don’t show up in reader so every so often I go into my blog list and manually pick blogs to go visit. It is time consuming and I often forget. I don’t know why Reader decides which blogs I want to read and which ones I don’t. sigh.

    1. That’s the problem I have in FB!!! Apparently FB decides what I’m supposed to read. I have people there I NEVER see, and have to remember to go there manually.

      I miss posts here in WP too, I’m sure, depending on how long time has elapsed before I go in.

      That’s weird, though … so many settings everywhere, to keep track of 🙂

      1. yeah FB does it too for sure. I have friends who tell me that they never get any of my posts! go figure. Wish they would just leave it to us to decide who we want to hear from eh?

            1. LOL right!

              It’s not only you. Every now and then I come to think of someone whom I haven’t seen in FB for ages. I go to their page, and they have posted as usual… It irks me 🙂

              1. me too Rebekah. and there seems to be no connection to how often you’ve liked something or commented on something they’ve posted. it feels very arbitrary to me.

  13. Wasn’t ,me, though you know I’m not posting in any blogs these days…too hooked into the GW and newsfeed…and all the quizzes that are such a rage. A great deal of very little worth sharing is going on here. We’re trying to do more because of better weather but both tire so easily anymore we spend a lot more time sleeping. It’s all I can do to try and post banal and meaningless stuff in FB…a LOT going on but nothing really worth sharing. Of course I’m getting ready for my getaway to MT. Hoping I have the stamina left for the drive, getting the car running, finding clothes that fit after the long hibernation, second guessing the point of a long drive that will not necessarily be pleasant, yet knowing it’s needed for some solitary R & R time.
    Hugs to Gerry n’ the McDuff. Keep well. Love always. J

    1. Oh hi, Angh! Great to see you! Yes, we move in different circles online — I tend to spend more time with the blogs than on FB (except the hometown group). Now that we finally have got nicer weather, we too, spend more time outside — we had a long, miserable winter! That’s wonderful that you’re going to MT! You’ll have a great time and feel thankful that you did it, afterwards!
      Love and hugs right back, and thank you for stopping by! Love, R.

  14. I would say it probably has nothing to do with you. From experience it might be something she is going through or something she may be dealing with. It’s hard to know but if you are really worried, email her and ask her. What is the worse that can happen? I had someone drop me on another site and they asked me to be on their page.

    1. Right … and like I said, I have tendencies to be overly sensitive at times. It was nothing.

      Eventually, I would have written to her, but since I wasn’t sure, I just wanted to give it some time.

  15. This winter was about the longest one in history, and I think there was a lot of blogging fallout. I know I for one fell out! Nothing to write about, nothing bubbling up from inside, no incentive to look outside —
    My posts got fewer and fewer, the list of blogs to read seemed to grow like Pinocchio’s nose — it was hard.
    And I say that like it’s over, but it isn’t really. I’m back with not-frequent-enough posts, and every once in a while I get to that long list of blogs I want to be keeping up with but am not — but it’s not like it was. I don’t really have my mojo back. So I hope it isn’t me, ’cause that wouldn’t have been intentional. I’m like an equal-opportunity-slacker these days. But blogging is like that. It has its ups and downs, ons and offs, and hopefully it all works out at some point!
    Meanwhile I LOVED this photo. But I had to click on it and enlarge it to get full delight. A whole human interest story going on here! (Duck interest story?) Great shot.

    1. Hi J, and first off; No, not you, and besides it was nothing.
      Sorry to hear about the blogging, but I’ve found that it seems to come and go in cycles. There are times, I feel like writing every day and then long periods when I don’t even want to log in and see that list. I wouldn’t want to do anything drastic, as taking it down and quit … I just let it be. Thankfully, most of them seem to be here when I get back.

      Thank you, about the duck story. I saw them again today … the little bundles of fluff.

  16. Hi Rebby: I would say your gut feeling is prabably right. With that being said you have 2 choices: do nothing & see what happens; if anything or send her a short & polite email & just ask if you have offended her or if she is not receiving notifications & that you miss her comments. I find if I just let things ‘go’ I get more upset so I am one for sending emails & just asking. Kind of putting me out of my own misery. 😉
    I unfollowed a blog from here & the person never even bothered to email me here or on FB. That spoke volumes to me.
    As for language barrier no way Rebby! Your command of the English language is just as good as mine & maybe even better…in the 9 years I have known you I have never misunderstood you….
    It is true what you said about followers; you are part of my original blogging group from Yahoo 360 & I never wanted to lose you…you being here is one of the reasons I joined here & I am so glad I did. There are so many fabulous people here!!!
    I hope you will be able to resolve the situation; I know it hurts to lose someone you enjoy interacting with…
    Love Sherri-Ellen ❤

    1. Hey there 🙂
      I think it resolved itself, and in hindsight … I think I should perhaps written a little email note instead, because now I’ll never find out what it was [if any].
      About the language barrier; by now I’m almost fluent in the Meow language too *LOL*!
      Yes, I love WordPress. Imagine if we all had moved over here, right away, from Y360!!! That would have been terrific, because we might have kept more of the original group. Most people quit blogging, or we were scattered all over the web.
      Love, and buntings from McDuff too ❤

      1. I a sorry the situation did not get resolved. I find the direct (yet gentle) approach is best when dealing with people, whether face to face or online.
        LOL you are correct you can add MEOW to the list of languages you know…& their sub dialects like Nylablue’s 😉
        I had thought how nice it would have been if we all moved together to here…alas that did not happen. However I am connected to Maureen C. Nancy S.; Toby K.; Pearl H. ; Nikhil P. & Amanda D. thru FB & we still keep in touch & I send them my blog links. At least Maggie M. & yourself are still here…there is such a HUGE 4 legged blogging community here & all over the ‘Net & I am connected to so many people now….
        Hope you have a good Sunday; our cold & cloudy so Nylalbue is pouting, lol 😦
        Love to you & McDuff frum ‘Pouty” & myself
        Sherri-Ellen ❤

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