no spring

Spent the last hour, going through my WP-reader. Had a big back-log. I’ve seen stunning Spring photos from all over the place — the weekly photo challenge from WordPress was «Spring»! I skipped that challenge because I was so NOT inspired. Looking out the window here now, it could just as well be October.

WordPress must be experiencing some glitch right now — as I was scrolling in my reader, the posts kept repeating … infinitely.

Here’s a Spring picture from Saint John. The only Spring related in this photo is the water level in the Saint John River. It’s slowly receding but still high.


12 Replies to “no spring”

  1. Oh dear! Is that snow (again, right – not still?) that I can see in the foreground of your shot?
    It seems to be very cold everywhere – I feel your pain!

  2. It looks so cold over there still, but your spring will come soon Rebeah, and then you can get out and about taking some great spring shots of new life!
    We have just gone into winter which is quite a relief from the extremely hot summer we just went through. Our temps are about 23 during the day, and down to about 9 during the night. Perfect!

  3. Oh my! Still looks a bit chilly! Hopefully the spring and all the lovely green, blooming things will pop up soon!! Phoenix is moving into summer now…it’s always so interesting how two places on the same side of the world can have such different weather.

  4. Oh Rebby I bet you are uninspired!! Our spring has just arrived here & all was going well til today (Monday, May 12th) as we have a North wind….the thermometer says 20 Degrees out but it feels frigid with the wind so we are stuck in again after 4 days of patio/condo time!!!
    Seriously wonder if we will ever get caught up westher wise before the next Winter gets here! Colorado still has snow & places high up in northern Canada….this is mind blowing……brrrrrr…
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxoxo

  5. Yep, recognizable. But a couple of weeks of vagabond sun and above freezing temps have worked a transformation. Hoping the same has occurred in your nabe.

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