more spring

Spotted the first colts foot today!
Cormorants are back in full force — fishing at the Reversing Rapids. At slack tide, they take a break.
A couple of Canada Geese is nesting on one of the little islands in the Reversing Rapids. A good choice! There, they’re sure to be left alone.
Two of the Cormorants had taken off on a break, to Rockwood Park, socializing with the Mallards. Someone was feeding the ducks white bread, but the cormorants wanted no part in that feeding frenzy. They seemed to think that was so beneath them!

14 thoughts on “more spring

  1. Smart birds, those cormorants; about the bread, I mean; )
    But, camouflaged beaks and BLUE(?!) eyes? Wow, they sure are some bizarre!

  2. SO jealous about the Colt’s Foot sighting (we’re barely out from under the drifts here, so it’ll be a while yet): and, is that Queen Anne’s Lace growing underneath it?

  3. Lovely to see more signs of Spring.

    Perhaps the cormorants here had learned their lesson about bread and buns?

    (Poem by Christoper Isherwood)

    The common cormorant or shag
    Lays eggs inside a paper bag
    The reason you will see no doubt
    It is to keep the lightning out
    But what these unobservant birds
    Have never noticed is that herds
    Of wandering bears may come with buns
    And steal the bags to hold the crumbs.

  4. Oh that is lovely photos and I am glad that you’re really having spring over there now!! 😀 Glad PÃ¥sk!!

  5. Do we dare to think Spring has finally arrived in Canada Rebby??
    Those bird pix are fab as is the Colt’s foot…
    So far all I have here is mud 😦
    At least today we got to be out on patio for 3 hours!!!!
    Happy Easter to all of you there from us here.
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too ❤ ❤

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