once in a lifetime?

Here, we get one storm after the other, but yesterday it felt like Spring! As soon as we got out of the building, we sensed a different air … a different light!

Drove around for a bit, and it was as if everything had come to life, all of a sudden … Cormorants in the Falls, Canada Geese in Marsh Creek … in the park, ducks and squirrels were frolicking! Felt great!

Got back home, had supper, and checked Facebook. There, someone had posted there was a Wood Duck in the pond in Rockwood Park! We’d just got back from there, and I certainly didn’t see any wood duck! Admittedly, I didn’t look all that close — there were so many people there feeding them, so they were flocking to white bread.

It was late afternoon, but I’ve always yearned to see a Wood Duck in real life, so I immediately grabbed my camera bag and took off. There was still good light also and this was a too good an opportunity to miss. Kept my fingers crossed the duck would still be there … that Facebook post was from the day before!

There are hundreds of ducks in the pond, and I scanned it carefully … no wood duck! I held out for quite some time, but was about to give up, when I saw one duck that looked a little different … far out on the ice! Zoomed in on it, and there it was! Sleeping! LOL

Eventually he got up, after all, and I got my pictures! Boy, am I ever happy! Even though they’re not rare in any way, I’ve never seen one in my five years here, and I really look at ducks, everywhere!

Here’s a selection of the numerous photos I took…

26 Replies to “once in a lifetime?”

  1. You are SO lucky Bekah!! I’ve never had the pleasure to see one of these little guys up close – ever – and he is just so incredibly GORGEOUS!
    Great pics as always; but loving the Fractured Reflections, “Iceberg” shot the best (and the Determined Mountain Climber next best; )

    1. Thank you, Deb … and yes, I was so lucky to get to see this! Thought a lot about that while I was shooting … as I’ve seen so many great photos in Flickr and elsewhere. It was almost like that unforgettable moment, when I saw my first Eagle!

      Loved those ‘titles’ πŸ™‚ Put the Determined Mountain Climber in because he was leaning forward so that you can see those gorgeous colours on the wing..

  2. Isn’t “Woody” adorable??? Spreing is in the air; well sort of….
    LOL….longest Winter in years….we aer all a bit stir crazy over here πŸ˜‰
    Love S-E & NB xoxo

  3. LOL my spelling is pretty awful too!!! Good grief I need to proof read more!
    I am thrilled “Woody” is still at the park!
    We have Harrison Park here in town also with a Bird Reserve but I rarely get there anymore due to Mobility (or lack thereof…)
    That is why I enjoy your pix so much!

    1. Yeah, it’s strange that he’s still there. Every now and then, some ‘odd’ duck arrives, but they rarely stay more than a day. We could be in for some amazing ducklings in June *ROFL*

  4. We have had them here also; they are lovely.
    There are farm ducks at the park also who mate with Mallards & we get these very long slender ducks I call “Skinny Ducks”. I think it is cool when different breeds breed & then a new breed is born so to speak πŸ™‚

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